What Can Be an Alternative to a Pressure Cooker?

Pressure Cooker Alternatives
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Pressure Cooker Alternatives

Here are Some Pressure Cooker Alternatives

A pressure cooker is extremely versatile and there is no easy replacement to all of its many functions.  However, if you are asking, what if I don’t have a pressure cooker when following a pressure cooker recipe, you can find some alternatives.

1. Crock-Pot

Many people use a slow pot or slow cooker sometimes called a crockpot as a replacement to a pressure cooker.

Although a slow pot’s way of working is completely opposite to the speed of cooking in a pressure cooker, the results can be similar, especially with stews and casseroles.

With a slow cooker, you need to ensure you can leave the pot cooking over many hours, possibly overnight or throughout the course of the day.

A slow cooker uses very low temperatures so it is slow as the name suggests. However you can get great results, it is convenient – as long as you remember to cook well in advance.

Despite the lengthy cooking time, a slow cooker does not destroy nutrients or flavor.

2. Microwave

If you are in a rush, a microwave can speed up cooking time. These scores with pre-prepared meals or when cooking from frozen.

You can cook very effectively in a microwave – some models have a browning feature for meat for example and vegetables can also be cooked in a jiffy by adding small amounts of water so they are steamed from the inside.

There’s a common myth that microwaves destroy nutritional content but this is not actually true. Microwaves are safe and effective when used correctly.

3. Steamer

A pressure cooker works by high-pressure steam but leaving aside the high-pressure bit, you can still cook via steam without using a pressure cooker.

A steamer can be a simple saucepan set that you fit over a pot of boiling water on the hob. Alternatively, you can buy more complex steamers which are self-contained units and suitable for cooking rice, meat, and vegetables.

Whatever type of steamer you choose, it can provide a great low tech alternative to a pressure cooker.

The downside is that the uses are fairly limited and it is not as easy to use as a pressure cooker. A hob steamer, for example, requires a pan of boiling water and cannot be left unsupervised.

4. Conventional cooking on the hob or in the oven

You can cook anything conventionally but in general, it takes much longer than using a pressure cooker and sometimes the results are not as good.  

For stews and casseroles, you can use the hob or the oven. You can roast meat in the oven and of course, you can fry or sauté on the hob.

Where pressure cooker scores are in making this so much easier. You can cook beans and pulses without allowing soaking time.

Your stews and casseroles are much quicker and easier to prepare and you can even use your pressure cooker to “roast meat.”

In general nutritional content is improved by using a pressure cooker because the sealed unit helps retain vitamins and nutrients that can be lost during the cooking process.

Your pressure cooker can be used in place of most of the pieces of kitchen equipment and although other methods can be used as a replacement to a pressure cooker, there really is nothing that can replace all its uses.

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