What To Use Instead Of Skewers? (6 Alternatives)

what to use instead of skewers
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what to use instead of skewers

There are several culinary tools you need necessarily in your kitchen if you are fond of making a variety of foods. From grilling to roasting, some stalk-like culinary objects can greatly facilitate your cooking. Suppose you are having an outdoor grilling evening on a lovely weekend, one thing besides the edible ingredients, you wouldn’t want to miss out on is skewers. This culinary stick-like object helps you grill meat and vegetables together.

If you have run out of skewers and are wondering what to use instead of skewers, you have plenty of options. Although, before you substitute a skewer with any of its close alternatives, make sure to check what you are cooking. In this post, we have put together some commendable alternatives of skewers that you would love to use instead of skewers. Stay with us.

What Exactly Are Skewers And Do They Do?

Before you substitute anything with the skewer, let’s first study this culinary item. It is better to study an item first before learning about its substitutes. So, skewers are stick-like objects made up of thin metal or wood. They are used to hold meaty pieces and vegetables together. Food skewers, sort of, make a combination of vegetables and meat.

Sometimes, people use the “Skewer” term as a metonym in order to title the whole food items made or served with the help of a skewer. They refer to many skewer-made food dishes as “chicken skewers”, “beef skewers”, “vegetable skewers”, etc.

This staple, necessary kitchen items, skewers are used to grill and roast meats and fish. They have also got several uses in other culinary applications.

Uses of skewers besides grilling and roasting are:

  1. Poking the food to check if it is done or not. Basically, check the doneness of food in a pot or pan.
  2. Hold ingredients precisely and neatly so the recipe doesn’t mess up.
  3. You can craft your dish by poking holes in it with the help of skewers.
  4. You can make cake and cookies bouquet by stuffing them into a skewer.
  5. They have used a good measuring tool for ingredients like sugars.
  6. Skewers decorate and craft cupcakes and cookies. You can write any quote on the cake to customize it.

Besides grilling and roasting, these were the side uses of skewers. You may substitute skewer for these mentioned uses as well.

What To Use Instead Of Skewers?

Wooden or metal skewers are one of the necessary culinary items you must have stuffed in your kitchen. However, don’t worry if you lack them and they are unavailable at that instant. You may like using the following substitutes for skewers:

  1. Rosemary Stalks

If you are short of skewers, don’t hesitate to use rosemary stalks. They are just as strong and palatable as the skewers. Moreover, the needle-like structure makes it so easy to grill vegetables and meat. These rosemary stalks are safe to use instead of the skewers. They will be as helpful as skewers.

Rosemary stalks have the taste and appearance quite familiar with needles. They are very thin and fine yet too durable to hold edibles.

  1. Aluminum Foils Packing

If you are willing to grill meat with the skewer’s substitute, you may find aluminum foils much easier available and useful. Just tear up some sheets of foils and put evenly divided pieces of meat and vegetables. Brush the combination with oil for moisture and juiciness. Now fold and lock them in several rolls. Grill for up to 25 minutes to serve fresh and butter. The grilling time also depends on the meat you are cooking.

  1. Fruit Sticks

You may like using fruit sticks instead of the skewers if you want to hold just the confectionary items. Such as jellies etc.

  1. Jicama Sticks

Jicama sticks can be a healthier substitute for skewer since they are edible. Although, they might be a bit messier to handle.

  1. Celery Sticks

If you use a skewer as a stirrer, you may replace it with healthy and crunchy celery sticks.

  1. Sugarcane Skewers

Sugarcane skewers are also good alternatives for the traditional skewers. They are strong and durable.

You may use the above-mentioned items instead of skewers.

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