Why Is Your Macaron Batter Too Thick? (4 Ways To Avoid)

macaron batter too thick
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macaron batter too thick

The macaron comes in several shapes and sizes depending upon what shape you give them to cook. No one wants their macarons to turn too hard, too breakable, or bland. However, the end product (macarons) depends a lot on how you have prepared its batter. Since people that are not quite used to making good batches of macaron usually end up preparing the macaron batter too thick.

To have your consistency of macaron batter up to the mark and make the best macarons, you would need to follow some tips for making the perfect batter. In this article, we will discuss macaron batter being too thick and ways to avoid it. Every macaron lover read carefully.

Why Is Your Macaron Batter Too Thick?

Your macaron batter is supposed to have perfect consistency which shouldn’t be too runny or too lumpy. When your macaron batter turns out thicker or thinner than expected then chances are you haven’t completed the macaronage properly. There are also chances that you haven’t folded the batter in a correct manner, the ingredients aren’t mixed with an equal force and their content isn’t taken according to the recipe.

Other reasons include greyish or too dry meringue for the macaron batter. The incorrect division and folding of the ingredients also cause the macaron batter to be too thick or lumpy.

How Long Do You Mix Macaron Batter?

As a beginner, one must keep a track of folding to start out making a good macaron batter. The average is 50 to 60 folds per bowl of macaron matter. With time, you will get used to it and do the job without having to count the folds.

However, you need to mix the batter and keep folding until the macaron batter stops being lumpy and starts showing a thick yet runny texture. Runny in a sense that the batter should fall into the ribbon easily without having any lumps.

How Do You Avoid Making Too Thick Macaron Batter?

In order to avoid having too thick consistency of macaron batter, follow these few tips to make a proper macaronage:

  1. Make Batter In Batches:

Don’t load the bowl with all ingredients at once. Make sure to divide the batter into different batches. The batter would be very tough and thick at the start, but you need to keep folding until the ingredients settle down.

  1. Count The Folds

If you want the best consistency, it is a good habit to count how many times you are folding the macaronage.

  1. Smooth Out The Edges:

For the batter to be completely balanced, you need to smooth the edges well so the perfect consistency is achieved.

  1. Avoid Over-Mixing And Under-Mixing Of Ingredients:

Keep the ingredients content as per the recipe. Don’t over-mix extra ingredients as it will badly abrupt the rich consistency of macaron batter.

Just like over-mixing, you better avoid under-mixing as well.

Your macaron batter won’t turn out too thick if you take care of the aforementioned minor things.

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