How To Fix Undercooked Rice In A Rice Cooker?

how to fix undercooked rice in rice cooker
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how to fix undercooked rice in rice cooker

Tired of eating foul undercooked rice? Want to know the secret: How to fix undercooked rice in a rice cooker? I guess it’s your lucky day because you have landed just at the right place. Here in this article, we’re going to address the common mistakes that people make while cooking rice in a rice cooker and how can you fix undercooked rice in a rice cooker.

Why My Rice Remain Undercooked?

People often many mistakes while cooking rice due to which they remain undercooked. Undercooked rice is hard to chew and doesn’t give a proper taste. This is basically because people either cook rice too little time or they use very low heat to cook them.

The main issue being, the majority of people don’t really know how their rice cooker works. To use a rice cooker to its fullest capabilities, first, you should pay attention to its working mechanics.

How The Rice Cooker Works?

A rice cooker is specifically designed to cook rice faster. But it doesn’t mean it can cook rice with a blink of an eye. Moreover, there is proper rice to the ratio of every rice recipe that you should always follow. Don’t edit the recipe without concerning anyone.

As soon as the water inside rice gets absorbed, the temperature inside the rice cooker begins to rice quickly, and instead of cooking, your rice ends up burnt. The water here plays a very important part to cook the rice as well as in to keep them from burning.

The ideal ratio of water to rice would be to use two parts water and one part rice and then, cook them properly in a rice cooker that has a tightened lid.

How Can You Fix Undercooked Rice In A Rice Cooker?

Fixing undercooked rice in a rice cooker is not a long time-consuming process. It hardly takes 15-20 minutes if you know your work around your kitchen.

How to check if rice is undercooked in a rice cooker?

Open your cooker lid and using a spoon, scoop some rice grains on your hands. Press them between your 2 fingers to check if they’re properly cooked or not.

If you feel like they’re still a bit hard, add some water into the rice cooker. Half a cup or 1/4 cup would just do fine. Now stir up the rice up and down a little with the help of a spoon. Close the lid of the cooker.

Cook the rice on medium-high heat for 2-3 minutes then turn the flames down. Let the rice cook for 5 more minutes. Then open the lid again and recheck the hardness of the rice with your fingers.


So, this is how to fix undercooked rice in a rice cooker. You can simply cook the rice a little more in the first place to avoid doing everything all over again. Always make sure to cover the cooker tightly with its lid to make a proper seal.

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