What Is Charcoal Steak?

what is charcoal steak
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what is charcoal steak

For every steak lover out there, there are varieties of steaks available. The type of steak usually depends on the cuts and meat type. One such steak type is the charcoal steak, and if you are considering, “what is charcoal steak?” we have added every essential information in this article. So, let’s have a look!

Charcoal Steak – What Is It?

The charcoal steak is a special meat cut, cut out from the top of the cow’s shoulder. According to the experts, charcoal steak is one of the most tender cuts of beef. Usually, all steak types are cut from the shoulder, and the temperature needs to be optimal. As for the charcoal steak, you need the medium to rare heat temperature to cook steak.

This temperature setting will promise tender and juicy steak, minus the toughness. In addition, the charcoal steak must have a piece of gristle around the middle section to ensure optimal weight and juiciness.

Cooking The Charcoal Steaks


  • First of all, you need to season up the steaks with pepper and kosher salt and let it sit for around 30 minutes
  • Heat the oven at 425-degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cook compound butter on the side and add the desired herbs and spices. Once you have made the butter, just chill it in the refrigerator
  • Take the skillet and add some tablespoons of oil
  • Use the paper towel to pat the charcoal steak dry
  • Keep searing the charcoal steaks until they have a golden-brown color and add them on the skillet oven
  • Now, roast them for nine to ten minutes with the temperature ranging from 125-degrees Fahrenheit to 130-degrees Fahrenheit
  • Take out the steaks from the oven and shift them to the serving plate
  • Use the aluminum foil on the charcoal steak to retain the steam (for around five minutes)
  • Now, top the butter compound on the steak and serve the delicious charcoal steak


  • Marinate the charcoal steaks with pepper and kosher salt and let it sit for an hour
  • Make compound butter with desired herbs and spices and let it cool in the fridge
  • Take the oven rack below the broiler (around four to six inches) and switch on the broiler
  • Pat try the charcoal steaks with the paper towel
  • Add a thin layer of oil on the steaks and put them in the broiler pan
  • Insert the pan with steaks in the oven
  • Broil it for four to five on each side (temperature should be 125-degrees Fahrenheit to 130-degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Now, take out the steaks from the oven and use the loose aluminum foil to retain heat
  • Add butter batter on the top and serve it fresh and tender
what is charcoal steak
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