Defrosting Meat In Water Without A Bag? (Isn’t Recommended)

defrosting meat in water without a bag
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defrosting meat in water without a bag

Everyone loves to stock their refrigerators with chicken, beef steaks, grounded beef, and whatnot. One can get hungry at any time of the day; we are not judging! However, sometimes it takes quite a time to take for the meat content to defrost to be cooked. There are several ways by which you can easily let your frozen meat lose the ice content and become ready to cook. Many people wonder if they can directly defrost the meat in water without using a plastic or any other bag. Well, the quick answer to this is “Yes.” But we usually do not recommend you directly defrosting the meat in water without a bag. We will tell you why!

Defrosting Meat In Water Without A Bag

Getting the meat back in normal is very important to continue your recipe. A lump of frosted flesh will cause many complexities for you while cooking it, especially when it is chicken pieces or grounded beef. You can’t fry or grill them well until you don’t defrost or thaw them. Some quick defrosting methods can help you big time in defrosting the meat. In this article, we will walk you through the procedure of defrosting meat in water with and without the plastic bag. 

Why Is Defrosting Meat In A Water Without A Bag Isn’t Recommended?

Because too much water content getting directly in contact with meat can be absorbed hugely. With the beef or any chicken piece going down in the water pool and soaking it all would make the meat taste bland and flavorless. Doesn’t matter how much flavors you add-in; the cooked meat is still going to taste bland. Note that a slice of waterlogged meat wouldn’t taste subtle and tender, just like an adequately thawed or defrosted meat. 

Here is why you shouldn’t defrost the meat in water without a plastic bag:

  • The meat will become waterlogged.
  • Your recipe will be extra soggy and watery.
  • The cooked meat would lose its tenderness.
  • Your cooked meat will taste bland or almost tasteless, etc.
  • The meat will become prone to bacteria. 

Instead of waterlogging the meat, save yourself some flavors and tenderness by defrosting meat in water using the correct method.

Better Way To Defrost Meat—Sinking In Water WITH A Bag!

Here is a much recommended and quicker way to defrost meat in water using a plastic bag.

  1. Cover The Meat Air-Tightly In A Plastic Bag:

The first thing you need to do is gather the meat content and cover it up with a plastic bag. Put them all and make sure to let no air pass in. consider a zip-lock bag, so no air enters the packaging.

  1. Submerge The Bag-Packed Meat In Cold Water:

Now sink or submerge the zip-locked meat package in a bowl of cold water. The meat will start to defrost safely like that.

  1. Make Sure To Keep Stirring The Content:

Take a spoon and keep stirring the zip-locked meat in cold water. It will speed up the defrosting process.

Since defrosting meat in water without a plastic bag isn’t recommended for several reasons. Refer to the meat as mentioned earlier defrosting method.

defrosting meat in water without a bag
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