Why Is My Yogurt Too Thin Even In Instant Pot? (Reasons & Solutions)

instant pot yogurt too thin
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instant pot yogurt too thin

Everyone prefers a bowl of creamy and thick yogurt instead of a runny or too thin one. There are many ways you can imply to make the consistency of your yogurt thick and dense. Since you can make yogurt in almost any pot you like, be it a slow cooker, crockpot, conventional pot, etc. However, you would be pleased to know that your favorite kitchen equipment—Instant Pot, now comes with the yogurt making feature. You can have the best out of your instant pot to make thick and creamy yogurt. Sometimes, even a bit of carelessness and reckless choice of ingredients result in too think yogurt, even in Instant Pot.

In this article, we will walk you through the factors that made your yogurt too thin. We will also tell you some recoveries of runny or watery yogurt along with the tips to make it right next time.

Why Is My Yogurt Too Thin Even In Instant Pot?

Here are some reasons your yogurt went too thin. Refer to the causes along with the rectification tips, so you be careful about the next batch.

Yogurt is a versatile food item. You probably want it to be thick and rich in consistency to feel good. Here are some quick tips you can apply to make the rich and creamy yogurt in an instant pot next time:

  1. You have a miscalculated thermometer due to which the temperature of your yogurt culture was below the required temperature. The improper temperature will ruin your yogurt big time. 
  2. The overuse of ultra-pasteurized milk will possibly ruin the consistency and smell of your yogurt. Replace it with raw milk for better results.
  3. The use of almond or soy milk instead of cow’s or goat’s milk wouldn’t give you the right texture and taste of yogurt. You can add a premium thickener to make the consistency rich. 
  4. Skim milk makes the overall texture of yogurt tangy. Although, to restore the firmness in your yogurt, add milk powder. 
  5. The use of faulty and inappropriate startles usually results in loose and watery yogurt texture.
  6. The yogurt incubation period wasn’t long enough. 

Are There Any Ways To Recover Too Thin Yogurt?

Even if you used an instant pot yogurt maker, your yogurt could still go watery. Apply these ways to recover too thin yogurt:

  1. First of all, check if the yogurt smells foul. If it does, throw it away immediately.
  2. Reheat the runny yogurt to 100˚ F if you have heated it first at 175˚ F. Make sure that you DO NOT REHEAT IT OVER 100˚ F.
  3. Just to ensure the quality, add a new and high-quality starter culture. 
  4. Now re-incubate the yogurt, and you will eventually get the creamy consistency this time. 
  5. Straining a yogurt will also be a better option to make it lose the water content. 

Final Words:

Your yogurt in instant pot sometimes turn out to be too thin and only not as thick as you expected it to be. Try some recovery solutions. However, if they did work, use the runny yogurt for other applications.  

instant pot yogurt too thin
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