Why Does Yogurt Burn Tongue? (4 Reasons)

why does yogurt burn my tongue
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why does yogurt burn my tongue

Yogurt is one of the healthiest dairy products that are suitable for all and it gets you the perfect experience that you might be seeking. Not only it is rich in nutritional elements and gets you the perfect edge of maintaining the right diet, at times you might feel like having your tongue burnt after eating the Yogurt.

It goes without saying that it is something that you wouldn’t want to have. There are certain factors that might be involved behind this, and a few things that you must know about yogurt burning your tongue are:

Why Does Yogurt Burn My Tongue?

1. Expired

If you are eating yogurt that is available out there in the commercial markets, there are certain types of chemicals that are used in order to preserve the yogurt so it can be used later without getting bad. Yet, there is also an expiry date mentioned on the packaging and that is something that you can never ignore. Simply put, you have to be extremely careful about that as after the expiry date mentioned on the packaging, it can cause you to have certain troubles and the same preserving chemicals used for the longevity of the yogurt can cause you to face problems like the tongue being burnt after you eat the yogurt.

2. Acidic

While yogurt and other dairy products don’t produce acid after they have been put out in the open for long, that can cause them to develop certain acids in them and that is something that you will need to be careful about. Even if you are not using any yogurt that has been preserved, the fresh yogurt at room temperature can also go bad after a day, and then it can cause your tongue to have a burnt feeling if you try to eat that. So, you will need to be careful about that and ensure that you are not consuming any yogurt that has been put out in the open and might have gone bad.

3. Allergies

Certain people are lactose allergy or there are some other allergies that might b causing you to have this sort of problem. So, you will need to make sure that you are getting yourself tested for any such allergies and if there are any such allergies that you might have, you should avoid yogurt and stay away from it since you might be lactose intolerant and that is not something that you can get fixed.

4. Oral Conditions

There are also some oral conditions like infections or dry mouth conditions that might cause you to face issues like this. So, you will need to get yourself properly checked up for any such conditions such as bacterial infections or fungal infections and get proper treatment to get rid of the problem. Dry mouth can also cause you to face such issues and you will have to ensure that you are getting that fixed up for good and that will certainly be helping you out properly to not face any such issues.

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