Instant Pot Almond Milk Yogurt: Homemade!

Instant Pot Almond Milk Yogurt: Homemade!
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Instant Pot Almond Milk Yogurt: Homemade!

Instant Pot Almond Milk Yogurt

If you are among those who are hydrophobic to milk, then how will you maintain healthy bones and structure? We will suggest you drink Instant Pot Almond Milk Yogurt. Health is wealth, and it is the prior responsibility of us to add healthy food and smoothies in our life.

Delicious and healthy drink

Yogurt and almond milk has health benefits surprisingly, and one must add these two ingredients in his daily routine. If you don’t want to consume milk, you can make this delightful recipe and fulfill the nutritious needs of your body. Yogurt with almond milk is an excellent substitute for dairy products. It is delicious and healthy too. You will surely enjoy it.  Since plant-based yogurt is quite expensive at the grocery store. We will tell you how to make it in your own home.

How to prepare Instant Pot almond milk yogurt?

To prepare this recipe, only 2 ingredients are required that is, 1/2 gallon of almond milk and plain almond yogurt with live active cultures. You can also use maple syrup to enhance the taste and to sweeten it. Firstly, add the milk into the Instant Pot and close the lid of the pot. Then, select the yogurt button and adjust it till it displays boil. It will probably take 1 hour to boil. After boiling it, open the lid, test the temperature, and carefully remove the inner pot from the pressure cooker after 5 minutes. The temperature may reach about 180°F. Let the milk cool to 115 °F for about 1 hour. Yogurt will be skimmed on the upper surface, skim the skin on yogurt and discard. Then place the inner pot in the pressure cooker and press the yogurt button. It will take about 8 hours to adjust. Then remove it and store it in the refrigerator and enjoy this delicious and mouth-watering recipe. If the yogurt has a thick texture, keep 1/2 cup of your preparation aside and use it in your next batch of yogurt. In this way, the texture on the second time would be denser

Benefits of Instant Pot almond milk yogurt

It is an easy and quick recipe as well as a less time-consuming and cheaper alternative. You can also sweeten it with maple syrup and add it to fruit salad. Use an Instant Pot pressure cooker to prepare it and use it in breakfast and as regular snacks. This Instant Pot almond milk yogurt recipe is also great for lactose intolerance kids. There are many benefits of it as almond milk yogurts are low in sugar and deliver healthy fats, so you can also consume it in more amounts and a routine diet as there is no concern of sugar levels in it. It can be added to any granola for a great and healthy breakfast, or with the eggs if you need more flavor. Make this almond yogurt milk and consume it in the more flavorful ways to add delight to your life. Be conscious of your diet and add almond milk yogurt in your daily life. We care for you and offer you the Instant Pot for all these recipes.


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