Instant Pot Yogurt Maker Function: How To Use

Instant Pot Yogurt Maker Function: How To Use
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Instant Pot Yogurt Maker Function: How To Use

Instant Pot Yogurt Maker

You’ve probably heard of making a lot of things in your Instant Pot, but you may not have thought of ever trying it as a yogurt maker. However, you can use it, and it even has a yogurt setting built right in so that you can make it work for you. Interested in reading more? Here’s what you should know.

  • It’s easy to do: If you are a novice to the Instant Pot or you are someone who hasn’t had much luck in making some of the meals, you’ll be able to breathe easy: this is fun to do, and it is also easy. It’s tough to mess up.
  • It’s not something you can do in a stovetop pot: Because yogurt must sit in a totally consistent temperature, a stovetop pot will not allow you to make it properly, especially over the amount of time needed. Keep that in mind if you’re interested in adapting it to a stovetop method. 
  • You can have a yogurt maker accessory to help portion it: To make it convenient in portioning, you can use a specially formed jar holder that will go directly into the Instant Pot and make it so that you won’t need to portion it out later. Plus, you get handy storage jars for them, too.


How to make yogurt with your Instant Pot

Interested in trying it out? Here’s a step by step process of turning your Instant Pot into a yogurt maker!

1. Boil milk in the Instant Pot: For a thicker consistency, try using whole fat milk. If you are okay with it being a bit runnier, you can use skim milk or half fat milk instead. You can also use almond milk or other alternatives as usual. 

2. Add in the starter and more milk: You’ll want to get a starter, such as store-bought yogurt. You need about 2 tablespoons and then combine that with more milk and whisk. Then add it to the mixture in the Instant Pot. 

3. Incubate for 8 hours: Surprisingly, yogurt takes 8 hours to work. It sets itself at 110 degrees and counts up from 00:00 until it gets to the 8 hours. This time allows the bacteria to spread through the yogurt thoroughly (which you want). 

4. Cool the yogurt to room temperature: Allow the yogurt to cool completely to room temperature. Do not stir it.  

5. Chill for 6+ hours: As carefully as possible (to prevent disruption to the setting process), move and insert bottles into the fridge and chill it for 6 or more hours. 

6. Flavor if wanted and enjoy: You can then enjoy your portioned jars of yogurt and flavor them just as you go to eat them. You’ll love the fresh yogurt taste.

The yogurt setting on your Instant Pot may not be the most used function, but it certainly is worth exploring if you are someone who is looking to get into the idea of healthy eating.  Plus, there’s something pretty neat about making your own yogurt from scratch with minimal mess!


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