Can You Boil Water in Instant Pot? (Answered)

can you boil water in instant pot
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can you boil water in instant pot

To this question raised, YES, DEFINITELY! You can easily boil water in your Instant Pot. The greatness of Instant Pot lies in its amazing versatile applications. From cooking steamy food to the bare minimum of boiling water, the Instant Pot multi-cooker has been qualified to be the best tech-savvy modern kitchen tool. Those people who want to minimize the number of kitchen appliances find Instant Pot the best option for almost every kitchen-cooking solution, that even includes boiling water. In this article, we have primarily focused on the water boiling services of Instant Pot. Read on to know all the relevant details. 

Can You Boil Water in Instant Pot?

You Can Efficiently Boil Water Using An Instant Pot!

Especially newbies and naïve cooks as well as those who are using Instant Pot for the first time, they should start getting along with this multi-cooker by simply boiling the water. Moreover, it is one good way to become comfortable with your favorite kitchen equipment. 

Using Instant Pot as a water kettle gives you confidence. Basically, this multi-cooker is designed with thermodynamics specialties which are why boiling water and other steaming applications can easily be done with this kitchen appliance.

How To Boil Water Using An Instant Pot?

This “How to Boil Water” thing might already be sounding like a sarcastic take. Although, it truly isn’t! There is no extent or limit of learning anything, even if you have mastered the art of doing that thing, there is always something more to it, just like simply BOILING WATER.

Moreover, you can easily get the idea that your instant pot is doing technically fine when you start boiling water in it. Learning how to boil water or at least pondering upon the instruction might help you rectify your mistakes as well.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Pour down a cup of water or the amount you require, in the inner pot of your instant pot. Doing so would help you in understanding whether the fill line is filled up to mark among other important things. 
  2. Seal your pot’s valve by placing the lid on top of your instant pot. 
  3. Make sure that you have set the adjustable settings to high pressure.
  4. Now, select a short cooking time of about 2 to 3 minutes. Then, the proper boiling can be achieved by hitting the cooking time or manual button. 
  5. After getting that done, click minus or plus until your pot’s screen reads “3”.
  6. Now, observe the counting down from 3 to 0.

After that, your multi-cooker would beep and change to “keep warm” function. If you are willing to off with your appliance, then simply hit the “off” button and wait for the pot’s screen to read “off”. Allow your pot to release the pressure. Remove the dump out the water. 

Final Thoughts:

Boiling water in Instant Pot is perfectly doable and fine until it’s impurified. The above guide is perfect for the amateur cooks to get along with their cooking experience with Instant Pot by simply boiling the water.  

can you boil water in instant pot
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