Do Instant Pots Suck? 

Do Instant Pots Suck? 
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Do Instant Pots Suck?

Do Instant Pots Suck?

There is a lot of hype and positivity surrounding Instant Pots for their usefulness in the kitchen. However, since they are so expensive, it is often asked, “Are they really worth it?” In this article, we are going to dive into how Instant Pots stand up to tests and discuss whether or not they are really worth the investment.

To do so, we have done researches, tests, and more to make sure that these pots are actually worth it. Below are 6 ways that we tested and made sure that they were all they were meant to be:

1. Put it Against a Pressure Cooker: Both of these tools are highly esteemed for cooking, but when testing these out with chicken, there was an obvious winner. The pressure cooker resulted in the juicy and delicious chicken while, sadly, the Instant Pot chicken was much dryer. Sad to say, but the pressure cooker won this round.

2. Pinned it Against a Slow Cooker: The slow cooker is exactly what it is called, slow. Because of this, when we tested both with soup, the slow cooker took around 8 hours while the Instant Pot took only 4 hours. The Instant Pot also has a setting if you don’t want it to be done fast, so the Instant Pot takes the win on this one.

3. Tried it Against a Rice Cooker: Taking it back, we decided to go with the traditional rice cooker vs. an Instant Pot and see which one fared best. With this, shockingly, the Instant Pot yielded much better rice.

4. Maybe a Stovetop Will Win: To test the soup making abilities, we pinned the Instant Pot up against a stovetop pan. The stovetop pan took nearly 3 hours while the Instant Pot only took 2. Both of them came out amazing, but we loved the rapidity of the Instant Pot.

5. Competing Against a Frying Pan: With a frying pan and an Instant Pot, we obviously had to test out the sautéed foods. The frying pan took 20 minutes to complete while the Instant Pot took 35. While both of them did the job, the frying pan may have won this round due to the juiciness.

6. Working Against a Vegetable Steamer: After doing all of the other tests, we figured that maybe the vegetable steamer could stand against the Instant Pot. With this test being done, the result was fairly even, both of the tools did the job well!


Overall, while the Instant Pot has a lot of competition with other kitchen tools, through these experiments, it has become more obvious that the Instant Pot can do it all. While it may have lost a couple of the rounds, it is still impressive that you can combine all of those expensive tools into one.

Rather than having a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, and more, you can invest in an Instant Pot and save a lot of space and money. The answer to the burning question is YES! The Instant Pot is definitely worth it.


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