Why Is There A Rice Button On Instant Pot?

instant pot rice button
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instant pot rice button


Have you ever tried cooking rice in an instant pot? If yes, then only you may tell how fascinating it is to cook rice in an instant pot. It is relatively easier than cooking rice in a normal pot. Along with it, the taste and texture that you get after cooking rice in an instant pot are insanely amazing.

But, have you ever wondered about the rice button in the instant pot? Did you ever try to use it while cooking rice? If yes, then how was your experience, and if no, then we will let you know how to cook rice perfectly in an instant pot using the rice button.

Why There is Rice Button on Instant Pot?

Cooking rice can be challenging because of the exact cooking time you need to set after putting them on the stove. If you put them for long, it will ruin your rice, and if you are going to remove the pot from the stove earlier than required, your family would have to enjoy partially cooked rice unwillingly.

For avoiding such an issue, there is a rice button on your instant pot. The rice button on your instant pot will automatically adjust the time required for the rice to be perfectly cooked. This function of instant pot works based on the quantity of rice you put in your instant pot’s inner pot.

The instant pot rice button will save your time and effort as it will adjust everything you needed to cook rice. So, the rice button on the instant pot for you to cook rice just by tapping a single button after putting the rice in your instant pot’s inner pot.

Can you Cook All Kinds of Rice Using the Rice Button?

It is one of the most asked questions when discussing the rice button of their instant pot. For your ease, we will be answering this question in detail so that you do not have to worry while cooking rice in the instant pot.

So, if you are going to cook white rice, then there is no issue in tapping your instant pot’s rice button. As in most cases, the rice button is meant to be fit for cooking white rice in the instant pot. But what about cooking brown or long-grain rice? Will the instant pot button work correctly for them too?

Briefly answering, it is not a good idea to use the instant pot rice button for cooking brown rice. Because most of the time, the instant pot rice button will not work correctly while cooking brown or long grain rice. Therefore, if you are trying to cook brown of long grain rice, try to go for a manual setting on your instant pot. It will be best for you and your rice that you will be cooking.


In the above-written article, we have mentioned every possible thing that you needed to know about cooking rice while using the rice button in an instant pot. Try the above-given method, and you will be able to serve deliciously cooked rice to your loved ones.

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