What Is A Trivet For Instant Pot? (Explained)

what is a trivet for instant pot
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what is a trivet for instant pot

The solution to this query is quite simple. Instant pot manufacturers and developers make those trivets for making your life easy while using an instant pot. In an instant pot, you can cook everything you want to. But, you are not allowed to put some of your meals to the bottom of your instant pot.

For this very reason, we use trivet and racks for cooking your meal properly. This trivet keeps your food at a certain level from the bottom of your instant pot. Along with it, trivet helps you to prevent your food from overcooking or burning. 

What Is A Trivet For Instant Pot?

Most Common Use of Trivet in an Instant Pot

In most cases, the trivet is not used in an instant pot. But when you are going to roast chicken, they help you keep your meat above from your instant pot’s surface. Along with it, trivet plays an essential role while steaming food. They add an extra inch to your instant pot rack and help you to steam your food perfectly.

Furthermore, a trivet will allow you to make bread and another such thing that needs to be above pot’s surface while cooking. 

Apart from it, trivet helps you to use your instant pot quite easily without hurting your hands. Trivet allows you to take all of your food easily from the instant pot. Moreover, the trivet is useful when you choose to cook more than one item in your instant pot simultaneously. They allow you to create different levels and frames, which will enable you to cook other meals at the same time.

How To Use an Instant Pot Trivet?

Instant pot trivet is meant to bear a lot of heat. So, these steel racks are made up of heat resistant material that helps you cook your food without any difficulty. Instant pot trivet is rack like bodies with legs to keep your food above the surface. 

It is easy to use an instant pot trivet as they come with a handle that makes it easy to take out from the pot. While using a trivet, make sure to use a cloth to save your hands from burning.

Can you make a Trivet at Home?

It’s possible that you may not have a trivet for your instant pot. When you are stuck in such situations, some home remedies will help you get a trivet, to make a trivet, you can use old jar lids and a metallic sheet to support your food. The jar lids will help keep your food above the surface, and the sheet will help you heat your food correctly. 

So, if you do not own a useful trivet, then these two things will work correctly to make your trivet at home. 


Trivet is one of the essential parts of an instant pot. They help you to cook your food correctly and reduces the risk of burning. Owning a trivet for instant pot is as important as putting the right amount of spices in food. 

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