What Is A Trivet Used For? (3 Ways To Use)

what is a trivet used for
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what is a trivet used for

Ever heard the name of trivet stand before? Do you know what is a trivet used for? Are you clueless about the world of trivets? No worries. We are in this together. We will help you understand all about trivet stands in the following article. Stick with us and learn how to use those trivets that come equipped with your Instant Pots.

What Are Trivet Stands?

Trivet is basically an iron stand that is used to protect something from extensive heat. It can be used to place beneath any hot object to create a space between two surfaces. This way you can protect one object from heating but can still keep it warm.

These trivets come equipped with the Instant pots as a necessary accessory part. It is used to place inside the pot to create a stage to place food over it. This way, food doesn’t get direct heat so it cannot be burnt but instead, it gets the maximum amount of heat and can be cooked quicker than in an ordinary cooking pot.

What Is A Trivet Used For?

A trivet can be used for a number of ways but the sole purpose of trivet usually remains the same. That is, to prevent excessive heating. The following are some of the most commonly used ways in which you can use a trivet at home.

1) Trivet As A Baking Stand

You can use a trivet as a baking stand to place It inside instant pot. This is usually done when you are baking something inside your instant pot or pressure cooker, whatever you like to call it. The tribe it creates a stage for a baking pan to be placed on. This way the cake or the baking goods never burn from the bottom but get a nice brown touch. What you need to do is fill your instant pot with water, then place a trivet right in the center of the pot. Now, place the bowl of cake batter into the pot and seal the lid.

2) Trivet Helps In Boiling Eggs

A trivet can be also used to boil eggs inside an instant pot. The eggs cannot be directly placed into the instant pot filled with water because this will not only boiled eggs, but it will burn the eggs instead due to the greater degree of the temperature inside the pot. But trivet maintains a perfect place for eggs to remain in the water, yet they can move a little, toss and turn. Just enough movements that are needed to boil the egg uniformly.

3) Trivet Helps To Steam Vegetables

We know that vegetables are soft because they are obtained from plants. Plants are usually delicate and sensitive to heat and temperature. This is the main reason why you can’t put vegetables directly e into the instant pot because instant pot is really hot. Vegetables cannot bear the high temperature of the instant pot. So, the best way to steam vegetables is by using a trivet within an instant pot. You can make those perfectly steamed veggies that are a little crisp yet soft to eat with no burning smell or taste.


So, now you know what is a trivet used for. Furthermore, you can use a trivet for more than just cooking as well.

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