Springform Pan Leaks: 5 Steps To Limit Leaks

Springform Pan Leaks
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Springform Pan Leaks

If you’re a beginner when it comes to baking cakes, you might find yourself frustrated by the number of times your cakes become deformed or broken when you remove them from the cooking pan. If you’re this person, then using a springform pan might solve your problem.

A springform pan has two handy features, firstly, it’s non-stick, and secondly, it has a removable ring that holds the pan in shape but can be separated from the pan once it has been unbuckled. Having these two features makes two essential baking steps a lot easier.

Firstly, you will only need to spray the inside of a springform pan with some non-stick cooking spray instead of layering it with meticulously measured parchment paper. Secondly, having a removable sidewall will make it a lot easier to remove the cake from its metal confinement.

Even though a typical springform pan is considered the perfect baking pan on paper, chefs worldwide still only use it for baking a select few things. There are two reasons why they use a springform pan sparingly.

A springform pans’ real use is to bake things that are impossible to invert upside-down, for example, cheesecake, tortes, quiche, etc. Aside from that, springform pans have an extremely annoying, glaring issue. They tend to leak.

To find out why let’s look at exactly how a springform pan is constructed. It consists of a round metal plate with a small rim that forms the base of the pan. The sidewall is formed by an expandable metal ring that clips closed around the base by using metal clips or buckles.

Freshly baked hot cake in a springform
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Freshly baked hot cake in a springform

Unlike a pressure cooker where the lid is sealed with a silicone ring, the two metal pieces of a springform pan’s sides don’t have this sort of silicone sealing.

As a result of not having a proper seal, the pan has become notorious for leaking cake batter outside and leaking water inside.

How to Limit Springform Pan Leaks

Most baked cheesecakes and desserts require a water bath or “bain-marie” to achieve the perfect texture. This water is what tends to leak into the pan, resulting in a soggy crust. Even when baking a simple cake, the batter tends to leak out of the springform pan as the cake is cooking.

We have compiled a list of ways that will allow you to limit and even stop the leakage. Hopefully, using these tips will allow you to bake a perfectly cooked water-bathed cheesecake or a beautiful, moist sponge.

How to Limit Springform Pan Leaks
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How to Limit Springform Pan Leaks

1. Cut a few pieces of baking parchment paper 2 inches wider than your springform pan. Layer the parchment paper on top of the detached pan’s circular base.

Assemble the pan by placing the ring in its place and securing it tightly with the belt. (The paper will be inside the pan.)

For added security, cover the outside of the pan tightly with two layers of aluminum foil. Make sure to tuck the ends around the top of the secured metallic ring.

2. If you’re baking a cheesecake, make sure it has a thick-bottomed crust because the crust will block your cheesecake batter from leaking out.

3. Alternatively, instead of layering your detached pan with baking parchment paper, layer it with two sheets of aluminum foil and secure the ring on top.

Make sure to tuck the foil ends on top of the secured metallic ring. If you use foil, you should probably spray it with non-stick baking spray to prevent the crust from sticking to it.

4. If you’re water-bathing your cheesecake, the best method would be to put your springform pot inside another traditional baking pan. For proper space management, buy a pan that is only an inch larger in diameter than your springform pan.

This double-pan technique will most certainly keep the moisture out of the cheesecake batter when placed inside the water bath.

5. If you search for oven-safe springform pan covers on Amazon, you will find many silicone products that will cover your springform pan from the outside.

These products are designed to keep the moisture from seeping into the pan. These are well worth trying and will save you from having to cut paper every time you use your springform pan.

Baked cheesecake is one of the most delicious desserts. We hope these springform pan leaks tips help you to make your next one perfect! Let us know how it goes for you in the comments below. Good luck!

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