Instant Pot vs Insignia Multi Cooker Comparison

Instant Pot vs Insignia Multi Cooker Comparison
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Instant Pot vs Insignia Multi Cooker Comparison

Instant Pot vs Insignia Multi Cooker

Pressure cookers have moved on since the early days of the old jiggle top models. Today’s pressure cookers are easy and safe to use and can carry out more functions that would have been believed impossible a few decades ago. As with all technology, there is always a market leader, and with pressure cookers, it is the Instant Pot. So does this mean that other brands aren’t worth a try? We check out Instant Pot vs Insignia Multi Cooker to find out.

Instant Pot

Instant Pot is the number 1 brand in America for multi-function pressure cookers, and it is easy to see why. This company has taken the ordinary pressure cooker, which was falling out of fashion and repurposed it into an all-singing and all-dancing multi-function kitchen appliance.

An Instant Pot does not just make pressure cooking easy by taking all the drama out of the cooking process with a range of one-touch pressure settings, it also enables you to cook in a variety of ways using the same appliance. All Instant Pot multi cookers can replace at least seven other kitchen appliances. You can use it as a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, a sauté pan, yogurt maker, and warmer.

Some Instant Pot models go even further and are WIFI-enabled, such as the Instant Pot Smart. Some can be used for canning, such as the Ultra, and other models have many additional capabilities.

That said, the most popular model on the market is the Instant Pot Duo. This is relatively basic compared to some Instant Pot models but is undoubtedly the most popular. The Instant Pot Duo has sold in thousands – over 76,000 reviews on Amazon alone, with 83% of reviewers giving it a 5-star rating.

There are some issues with the Instant Pot. It doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee although there is a year’s warranty. If customers have had technical problems, the Instant Pot customer service is fast becoming renowned for being unhelpful. This spoils an otherwise great brand.


  • Very popular with customers; the USA’s #1 pressure cooker brand
  • Lots of capabilities
  • Easy to use


  • The customer service team is abysmal
  • There is a year’s warranty, but the company seems reluctant to honor it

Insignia Multi Cooker

The Insignia Multi Cooker is far less well known than the Instant Pot. It is a bit cheaper, too, and it does have a 100% positive feedback rating on Amazon. That sounds good, but with only a handful of customer reviews, the Insignia is nowhere near as popular as the Instant Pot.

The Insignia is available in 6qt or 8qt size, and it looks pretty good. According to the manufacturer, it is made of stainless steel and has numerous functions. However, these functions are not explained, and the picture on Amazon is blurry and out of focus – making it impossible for the customer to see. In addition, the inner pot is Teflon-coated, which is not a good point.

Some people think that a non-stick coating is an advantage, but many people find that the Teflon can get into the food or be ruined if you burn anything. So in our opinion, a plain stainless steel inner pot is always the best option. In fairness, Insignia customers have not complained about this issue.

Other features to the Insignia include heatproof handles and 14 preset options, three temperature settings, a delay and timer, and warmer function. The Insignia multi-cooker does most of the features of the Instant Pot but is cheaper. That said, it is unlikely to be as good quality, and you won’t have access to the Instant Pot community, a great resource for recipes and cooking tips.


  • Cheaper than Instant Pot
  • Seems to carry out most multi-purposes
  • 100% positive feedback rating


  • The product information is not clear
  • Unknown brand; only a handful of customer reviews
  • Inner pot is lined with Teflon and may be made from aluminum

In conclusion

The Insignia is a lesser-known brand, so although this pressure cooker may work well and is cheaper than Instant Pot; you have no assurances about the quality of functionality.

By contrast, Instant Pot is the USA’s no. 1 pressure cooker brand. Their models are easy to use, and the pressure cookers have a long track record and are known to customers. We like that all Instant Pot models have a stainless steel liner and that they are generally well made and long-lasting.  Not everyone is satisfied, but with thousands of sales, there is a high customer satisfaction rating. Maybe one day, Insignia will also become a well-known brand, but with only a handful of reviews, the signs are not great.

It is an easy decision. When it comes to Instant Pot vs Insignia Multi Cooker, the Instant Pot wins hands down every time.


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