Teflon vs Stainless Steel In the Kitchen

Teflon vs Stainless Steel In the Kitchen
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Teflon vs Stainless Steel In the Kitchen

Teflon vs Stainless Steel

There is a debate when it comes to kitchen life, and it has been going back and forth for as long as most kitchen lovers can remember: Teflon vs stainless steel. Which is better, and why? You’ll find people on both sides of the debate, and it leads many to wonder if there is any one thing that is better.


A lot of the pros in non-stick cookware can be best understood from a beginner’s point of view. These include:

  • Stress-free cooking of fragile foods: When working with easy-burn recipes, non-stick offers a comfort knowing that everything just slides around without sticking on non-stick cookware. That’s where it gets its name from, after all. If you are just starting out, this is a huge perk.
  • Easier to maintain and clean: Non-stick cookware also means that you won’t need to scrape or scrub. Everything just will pour right off with a touch of soap, and the user can put it back into use with no extra effort.
  • Great for multipurpose cooking: From recipe to recipe and from low to medium heat, this will easily adapt to whatever kind of simple cooking you’re looking at doing, and you won’t need to worry about anything burning to a crisp or searing.

Pro-Stainless Steel

As far as most professionals are concerned, stainless steel is the way to go, and it’s had a long history of use and enjoyment too how for it. Perks of this cookware include:

  • Offer better variation in heat: Stainless steel is intended for those higher heat recipes, including medium and even high heat. The cookware holds up better and will help you get that glazing and proper searing that you’re going for.
  • Last longer and are more durable: These pans, with proper maintenance and cleaning, will last much longer than most pans, and they are very durable even when in use every day.
  • Great for experienced cooks: If you’ve got comfort and experience in the kitchen, you’ll find that stainless steel pieces will grow with you and help you to enjoy better learning opportunities. Teflon options will cap off at a certain point because of its restrictions.

A worthy compromise

There is another option that will help you enjoy the professionalism of stainless steel but the beauty and convenience of traditional non-stick cookware: an Instant Pot. It is designed to be used at high temperatures and with a variety of foods that you may not be able to trust in traditional Teflon cookware. An Instant Pot will help you to enjoy the convenience that you need but still do it safely and give you delicious results that you’re familiar with from stainless steel.

Beginners and experts alike will enjoy the hybrid convenience and comfort of the stainless steel insert in an Instant Pot. For those that just can’t decide which they prefer, this one is going to offer the best of both! May as well make the most out of it.

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