Pressure Cooker: Avoid Burned Food at the Bottom

Pressure Cooker Burns Bottom Food
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Pressure Cooker Burns Bottom Food

A lot of people are worried that the pressure cooker burns bottom food. And that’s why they are not purchasing this type of product. It all comes down to figuring out why this happens if it happens and how can you actually stop such a problem. It’s obviously not the type of issue that appears all the time, but it will be a problem and it’s up to you to handle it correctly.

Can Pressure Cooker Burn the Bottom Food?

That can happen because you are unable to stir the food at the bottom. However, modern pressure cookers tend to have a very good way of eliminating this issue and the best part is that they spread the heat evenly. That removes the issue and it makes the entire cooking experience a lot better in the end.

Even if this can happen at times, the reality is that burning the bottom food is not very common. But if you leave the pressure cooker on for a very long time and you don’t check on the food, then obviously the bottom food can be burnt out. A lot of people try to solve this by bringing the cooker to pressure with a rather low heat level. Either that or you bring the food to a boil and you stir before you add the seal. It’s a very good option to consider and it will bring in front of some great results and ideas to the table.

Study the Manual

The pressure cooker manual usually lets you know cooking times and all the information you need. Overcooking will obviously burn that food at the bottom, so it makes a lot of sense to know the manual very well before you attempt anything. It’s a great idea to identify cooking times beforehand.

Also, there are people that use a variety of tricks to not have food directly at the bottom. They use an elevated metal plate, that lifts the food above the liquid. When the cooker comes to a certain temperature and it has steam, you will also need to make sure that there are no leaks. All the little things matter here, so you want to be certain that the cooking experience is a good one.

There’s also the option to adjust the temperature and the more you do so, the better the results will be every time. It does make a lot of sense to use the pressure cooker, and the best part is that you have plenty of customization options to consider.


The pressure cooker burns bottom food issue can appear at times, but it’s not going to be major if you prevent it properly. Lifting the food on a metal plate above the liquid will usually do it. Also, avoid getting well past the cooking point too, as that can also lead to burnt food at the bottom. Once you know all these things, results can be great and that’s what you want to consider every time you use the pressure cooker!


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