Why Does Shrimp Have White Stuff On It?

Why Does Shrimp Have White Stuff On It
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Why Does Shrimp Have White Stuff On It

Shrimps are the favorite of most people who like seafood. This is because shrimps have the perfect texture, and when cleaned and cooked well, they melt in your mouth in an instant. However, shopping for shrimps can be pretty challenging as you’ve to be careful about the texture and overall appearance of the shrimps to make sure it’s fresh and safe to consume.

So, if there is white stuff on your shrimps, let’s see what it means!

Why Does Shrimp Have White Stuff On It?

There is some unusual white stuff or white spots on the edges of your shrimp while they are stored in the freezer; there are high chances that the shrimps are freezer-burnt. The freezer burns are caused by constantly fluctuating temperature, over-freezing, and improper sealing. However, the white spots also mean that shrimps are raw. In either case, the shrimps are safe to eat (yes, even if they are freezer burned).

Secondly, the shrimps are often coated with a white glaze to keep them moist and fresh after thawing, which doesn’t impact the flavor. So, if you are seeing white spots on the shrimps, there are chances the glaze is melting off. As far as the freezer burn is concerned, it can leave the shrimps discolored and dehydrated, but these aren’t valid reasons to just discard the shrimps because there are no compromises on edibility. Keep in mind that shrimps will lose the flavor, but you can add desired spices and herbs to enhance the flavor.

For those who don’t know, the loss of flavor is caused when the shrimps are exposed to the dry air of the freezer. This is because the dry air can result in evaporation of moisture that has the flavor, leading to tasteless and dehydrated shrimps. While there are no compromises on the safety of the shrimps, you can always add some herbs to build up the right flavors. In fact, when you add shrimps to the gravy, they will be rehydrated, which covers the freezer burn taste.

The Signs Of Freezer Burnt Shrimps

The white spots on the shrimps’ edges are a clear sign of freezer burnt shrimps, but there are some other signs as well. For instance, the raw shrimps will have white spots, the texture will dry and tough, the odor will be unpleasant, and the flavor will be lost. In addition, dehydration can result in the chewy texture of your shrimps.

How To Use Freezer Burnt Shrimps?

Given the evident dehydration and loss of flavor, it can be challenging to enjoy shrimps with traditional cooking methods. For this reason, you need to select the recipes that can rehydrate the shrimps and enhance the flavor. For instance, you can marinate the shrimps overnight in a refrigerator as it helps soak in the flavor. In addition to this, you can make fish soup by creating a combination of stock, veggies, and shrimps that are simmered together at medium-low heat.

The second way of using freezer burnt shrimps is to make shrimp pasta, which is a simple meal that’s made by stir-frying the shrimps and boiled pasta in a creamy sauce. Last but not least, you can always make shrimp curry by cooking the shrimps in coconut cream and aromatic herbs and spices.

Preventing Freezer Burn

It’s needless to say that shrimps need proper storage to make sure there are no compromises on flavor and texture. So, in the section below, we are sharing some tips to help you prevent freezer burns, such as;

  • You need to sort the shrimp as soon as you purchase them to store them in a freezer or refrigerator because bacteria grow quickly at room temperature
  • The shrimps must be sealed properly to prevent the airflow because airflow can result in bacterial development
  • You need to store shrimps in the coldest part of the refrigerator to protect the shrimps from fluctuating temperature, even if you open the door frequently
  • The frozen shrimps must be used within three to six months
  • Always ensure 0 degrees Fahrenheit temperature for storing the shrimps

The Bottom Line

The white spots are pretty common in shrimps, which means that the shrimps are freezer burnt. Such shrimps are safe to consume as long as you cook them correctly. However, you should discard the shrimps if they feel slimy, mushy, and have an ammonia smell.

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