8 Best Substitutes For Green Chili Powder

green chili powder substitutes
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green chili powder substitutes

The kitchens are incomplete about spices and chilies but spices like green chili powder are the most common ones. This is a pretty common spice and can be easily found in the grocery market. However, if you are unable to find it, we have the green chili powder substitute for you!

Green Chili Powder Substitutes

The green chili powder is made by drying the fresh green chilies and the stems are removed. When the green chilies are dried and the stems are removed, they are ground to make powder. In addition, when the seeds and veins are removed, it results in an intense flavor but it results in reduced heat.

The green chili powder has a powdery texture and it’s lump-free. For the most part, green chili powder has a light green or natural green color which delivers the fresh chili flavor. Now, let’s check out the substitutes?

1) Red Pepper Flakes

To begin with, this substitute is about the crushed red pepper flakes. We are pretty sure that this spice is readily available in your kitchen and makes an exceptional substitute for green chili powder.

However, if you want the same texture, you might need to crush them further. Keep in mind that the powdered form will be hotter, so it’s suggested to start with a lesser amount to ensure the spicy flavor doesn’t overpower your recipe.

2) Paprika

It’s safe to say that paprika is a staple spice in every kitchen and you might even have it in the pantry right now. Paprika is a suitable green chili powder substitute for people who want mild to spicy flavor. However, for increasing the spiciness, you might have to add red pepper flakes. On the other hand, if you use general paprika, it might have sweet hints, so always add more spices to add the hot kick of flavor.

3) Hot Sauce

When your recipe calls for green chili powder and you cannot find it, hot sauce is one of the best options. However, hot sauce has a liquid texture which means it can replace green chili powder only in soups and gravies.

When we talk about hot sauce, we suggest that you choose tabasco sauce or sriracha sauce because they deliver the flavor and heat that you need. Also, these recipes are readily available in grocery stores.

4) Old Bay Seasoning

Before adding more details, let us tell you that old bay seasoning has a paprika base and it can easily replace green chili powder in multiple recipes. However, it has a very unique flavor and can replace green chili powder in seafood recipes only.

5) Ancho Powder

Ancho powder is widely used in different chili powder mixes and it’s the ultimate ingredient that delivers the unique flavor of green chili powder. That being said, it’s a suitable substitute for green chili powder which delivers the heat as well as smoky and fruity flavor.

If you are concerned about the ingredients in ancho powder, it only has ground poblano peppers. As for substitution, use half a teaspoon of ancho powder if a recipe calls for one teaspoon of ancho powder.

6) Chipotle Powder

Chipotle powder is extremely easy to find and is made from ground chipotle peppers (there are no other additives). For those who don’t know, chipotle peppers are actually dried and smoked jalapenos. The chipotle powder has a richness and smoky flavor that adds flavor to the recipe. However, it can make the dish extra hot, so be careful while using it.

7) Banana Pepper

If your dish can manage the whole form, you can use banana pepper. These are extremely hot and the heat depends on pepper’s maturity. For the most part, banana peppers are extremely easy to find and can be used in salads and salsas. You can also opt for banana pepper powder to replace green chili powder but it might be hard to find.

8) Anaheim Pepper Powder

This pepper powder is hotter as compared to green chili powder. Even with the higher hotness, the flavor will be mild but it can accentuate the recipe’s flavors. The Anaheim pepper powder can be found in supermarkets and can be used in stews, sauces, and soups. Some people also use whole Anaheim peppers but they are expensive, so choose what you can afford!

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