What Is The White Stuff On Chorizo?

what is the white stuff on chorizo
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what is the white stuff on chorizo

Have you ever tried Spanish or Mexican Chorizo? Most of the people are going to answer, yes. But, those who have not yet tried the chorizo then we will certainly suggest you have it at least once in your life.

But, those who eat chorizo regularly have some questions regarding it. The most asked question is about the white substance that most people witness when they put their chorizo in the freezer for some days. If you are also confused about what that white substance is, then do not put your eyes off the screen until the end of this article.

What is Chorizo

Chorizo in simple words, it is a type of pork sausage which is preferably eaten in Europe and some part of Mexico. It is served mostly as raw, and sometimes, people also add the chorizo to different dishes for adding extra flavor to them. 

This article will let you know about chorizo and the unwanted white substance that grows on the chorizo if you put the chorizo for some days in the fridge.

What is The White Stuff on Chorizo?

Most of you must have wondered after taking your chorizo from the freezer after some days or weeks as there is always a white milky substance on it. The thing to wonder is that the substance was never present on the chorizo when you put it into the freezer, then how did it grow on the chorizo while in the freezer.

If we will answer it briefly, then the white substance you witness on your chorizo after taking it out from the freezer is the protein. It sounds weird, but the white milky substance your witness on the chorizo is the protein that usually grows on the meat if you put it into the freezer for so long. So, even if it is a protein on your chorizo, is it safe to eat or not?

Chorizo Safe to Eat or Not with White Stuff on it?

Most people think that their chorizo is no longer better to eat, and thus they throw it into the bin without even investigating the protein that grew up on the chorizo. Only a few know that if there is a white substance on the chorizo, then it is completely fine to have it as a meal. Because when you are going to put it on the stove, you will notice that the protein will melt and disappear. 

Moreover, protein is good for human health, and it is completely fine to have chorizo with white milky stuff on it. So, if you also witness a white substance on your chorizo, then do not worry and try not to throw it into the bin. Put it in the pan, and it is all good to eat.


In the article, we have mentioned everything you needed to know about the chorizo’s white stuff. We have provided you with every single detail about the white substance on the chorizo. Let us know if you have any questions related to the article.

what is the white stuff on chorizo
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