How To Melt Butter In Microwave Without It Exploding?

how to melt butter in microwave without it exploding
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how to melt butter in microwave without it exploding

Microwave is an amazing kitchen appliance. It minimizes your efforts and do wonders to assist your recipe. However, the same microwave can be a curse instead of a blessing too, only if you don’t use it the right way. Butter is a preferred fat especially for baking, spreading on bread slices and cooking quick recipes and toasting.

If you are one of those who have ended up having a greasy mess in their microwaves after melting butter in it, then you have landed at the right place. In this article, we will guide you how to melt butter in microwave without it exploding. Read on.

Why Does Butter Explode Inside The Microwave?

When you don’t set up your microwave to the correct temperature, the butter pieces begin to warm up which creates internal exhaustion and the water content is gone leaving behind milk fats.

Once a particular high temperature creates inside the microwave and the milk fats overheat, all of a sudden those fats go flaying and end up making big fat explosion that messes your microwave.

Fortunately, there is a proper way of melting butter in a microwave without having it create a greasy mess. Read on.

How To Melt Butter In Microwave Without It Exploding?

The most efficient way of microwaving butter is keeping the power settings as low as possible. When you slowly provide the lesser heat to your microwave, you have zero chances to encounter greasy explosion inside your microwave.

Here is how you melt butter in microwave without having it exploded all over:

  1. Make sure to take a microwave-safe container or a bowl, and put the required amount of butter in it.
  2. Set the power settings to 40%.
  3. Now place the butter’s bowl in microwave for up to 30 seconds. Remember to never exceed 30 seconds to clear even 0.00001 chances of explosion.
  4. If you see the butter hasn’t melted in microwave even after 30 seconds then keep tapping the bowl from side to side.
  5. When you tap and move around the soft butter slowly inside the microwave, you don’t have to set the power to medium or high for having perfectly melted butter. Neither do you require extra heat so the explosion chances remain low.
  6. After tapping and moving, if you still see any part of unmelt butter. Then take out the melted part and place back the un-melted part for another 30 seconds with the same 40 percent power setting.
  7. Make sure to cut the butter into equal pieces and never let the inner temperature go high.

Final Thoughts:

Butter is a sensitive and fluffy fat, if you leave it in microwave on high power and high temperature, it will eventually explode. To avoid the explosion, make sure to properly follow the above mentioned steps to melt butter in microwave without it exploding.

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