What to do if Your Instant Pot Rice is Too Sticky

Instant Pot Rice Too Sticky
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Instant Pot Rice Too Sticky

Making rice in an Instant Pot can be tricky, especially if you are not adept at cooking. It can come out too watery, too sticky, too dry, or a range of other textures.

Because of this, you have to know what to do and how to cook the rice properly so that you can make perfectly textured rice for you and your family to enjoy.

Rice is one of the most commonly cooked grains, but it can become complicated to make in the right manner.

The Instant Pot is a godsend for many people. It simplifies cooking and makes matters much easier for the average person who wants to cook delicious meals without going through all the trouble.

The Instant Pot is versatile and convenient to use and packs a range of options that make cooking incredibly fun.

Why Is My Instant Pot Rice Too Sticky?

Cooking rice in the Instant Pot
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Cooking rice in the Instant Pot

Many people choose to make their rice in a rice cooker because it seems easier and more convenient.

But if you have not experienced the power of an Instant Pot yet, you don’t know what you are missing out on.

It can make the most delicious rice that you have ever tasted in your life, as long as you know how to cook it the right way!

Like most other appliances, the Instant Pot can be an amazing appliance to use in the kitchen, but you need to understand its strengths and weaknesses.

If you don’t, you are going to have difficulty in making even the simplest of dishes.

If you have recently bought the Instant Pot, it would be a wise idea to go through its manual to understand how to cook different dishes.

Sticky rice is always a problem, especially when you consider that most people like to pair their rice with other dishes. But, not all is lost.

There are ways to fix this issue and make sure that the rice you make in your Instant Pot comes out fine.

What Does it Mean if Your Rice is Sticky?

How much water do you need?
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How much water do you need?

If your rice comes out too sticky when using the Instant Pot, there is often a valid reason for it being so.

In many cases, sticky rice is an indication that there is not enough water or liquid in the pot to begin with.

It can be frustrating when you follow a recipe as carefully as possible, only to find that the rice in your pot is all sticky by the end.

Thus, you have to experiment and find what works best depending upon the quantity of rice you are making.

However, it is easier to start with less water and go up from there because you can reduce stickiness, but you can’t reduce the moisture levels once it is too high.

This is not something that you can perfect right from the start. It’s recommended that you experiment with different amounts of water and rice to find the perfect balance.

It’s usually not easy, and it does require a bit of experience to get it right.

How to Cook Perfect Rice

How to get the perfect rice in an Instant Pot
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How to get the perfect rice in an Instant Pot

To help you, we have found the ideal method for making perfect rice.

However, with that being said, the definition of perfect is different for everyone, especially when it comes to food, so you may need to adjust it a little bit to your liking.

Below are the steps for making your rice perfect using the 1:1 method:

  1. Measure out your rice and set it aside.
  2. Measure the same amount of water and add it to the inner pot of your Instant Pot.
  3. Wash the rice off, then add it to the inner pot.
  4. Place the inner pot back into the base and turn on the Instant Pot.
  5. Close the lid and set the cooker to ‘Seal.’
  6. Select the cooking time.
  7. Natural-release the pressure in the cooker.
  8. Once done, fluff up your rice and enjoy!

Final Words

Overall, while rice can be tricky to cook at times, you must keep trying until you find the method that works the best for you.

The method outlined in this article has been done repeatedly and is seen as a great way to make rice. The Instant Pot can cook rice by a considerable margin once you learn how it works exactly.

Remember, if you want more watery rice, add a bit of extra water. On the other hand, if you want stickier rice, reduce the amount of water by a little bit.

If you want perfect rice, use the method above and see what you think.

As you continue to cook day in and day out, you will realize how to balance the rice just right, which will make the whole cooking process much easier for you.

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