Instant Pot Leaking Steam: 4 Helpful Fixes!

Instant Pot Leaking Steam
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Instant Pot Leaking Steam

Instant Pot Leaking Steam

When you use a pressure cooker like the Instant Pot, you, of course, want it to work well, safely, and to offer you the best experience and results constantly.

Having the unit leak steam left and right is not going to help you achieve this. Many issues may cause your Instant Pot to leak steam. Try to see where the steam is coming from.

If it’s leaking from the edges of the lid, you probably have a gasket problem. If it’s leaking from the vent valve area, you might need to reset it to the pressure location.

Remember, though, that it is normal for a little steam to vent from the valve area while the pressure is building up at the beginning. We’ve put together a few of the most common causes here for you to consider.

Why Is My Instant Pot Leaking Steam?
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Why Is My Instant Pot Leaking Steam?

Common steam leaking causes for the Instant Pot

1. Sometimes, the Instant Pot is leaking steam because the handle is in the venting position. This can end up making the unit release steam naturally, and that’s something that you want to check before proceeding further.

To test for this, try to rotate the seal around the sealing ring rack. It should be able to turn with a little pressure. If you can’t, it’s probably incorrectly seated.

To solve this, open the pot and press the ring firmly all around the rim to get it into place.

2. If your cooker is old, the seal may be worn and will not seal properly. You can order a new one easily online for about twelve dollars for a pack of two.

Be careful to order the correct size for your pot, as there are several!

3. Your gasket may also be missing, or just dirty. Remove it and wash inside the rim rack with a soft brush if any food debris has become trapped under the seal.

Wash the seal itself in warm soapy water. Replace it correctly and check if that solves your problem.

4. The steam may be escaping because the lid has been dropped or damaged some other way. If the lid is misshapen, it will not be able to create a good seal.

If you’ve checked for these issues and still can’t find the source of the problem, refer the pot to customer services for help.


We recommend that you clean your sealing ring and lid after every use of your Instant Pot. Check the seal regularly for any signs of wear.

Keep a spare one handy in case the existing one becomes damaged or goes missing. This is a small piece of equipment, but it’s vital to your Instant Pot’s correct working. Good luck!

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