Why Is My Instant Pot Leaking Steam?

Why Is My Instant Pot Leaking Steam?
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Why Is My Instant Pot Leaking Steam?

Instant Pot Leaking Steam

When you use a pressure cooker like the Instant Pot you want it to work very well and to constantly offer you the best experience and results. Having the unit leak steam left and right is not going to help you a lot. There are many issues why the Instant Pot is leaking steam, so here are some of the things to consider.

Common steam leaking causes for the Instant Pot

Sometimes the reason why the Instant Pot is leaking steam is that the handle is in the venting position. This can end up making the unit release steam naturally and that’s something that you want to take into consideration. The more you think about this type of process, the better it will be. You really want to handle everything in a meaningful way and if you do it right it will surely avoid any issues.

Another issue appears when the gasket or sealing ring is not seated properly. Either that or the gasket is misplaced or missing, to the point where the unit will have constant leaks. But there are more common reasons here, for example, there’s not enough liquid in the Instant Pot and the unit just won’t work without the right amount of liquid. Even the simplest things like this can be problematic, so you really have to find a way to solve them adequately.

Other causes to consider

Even if there’s enough liquid, in case the food is scorched at the bottom of the pot, then the liquid will not make contact with the bottom of that pot and there will not be enough steam. If the gasket is loose, even that small amount of steam will go away.

If the sealing ring expands too much, that will end up leaking steam. Even if the sealing ring has food or debris on it, then it won’t work exactly the way you would want it to. And that’s why you have to try and manage things in a clever and unique manner.

When the sealing ring is damaged, then the steam leaks will become more and more prevalent, and that on its own will become another issue to deal with. And the more water evaporates, the harder it will be to solve the issue.

An issue related to the Instant Pot, in particular, is that whenever the lid area is dirty, there will be leaks. That’s why you need to remove any dirt, dust or grime from that, as it will not be ok for you at all.


We recommend you to clean up and constantly inspect the Instant Pot to offer you the best results and value that you would need. Quality is crucial and if you do it right, the experience itself will be among some of the best every time. With the right approach, you will not have to worry about anything, but that also means paying attention to when and how these leaks appear. The issues above are very common, but there are others too. If you see such leaks, taking the unit to the warranty department or cleaning it and trying to see if there are missing parts is a very good idea.

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