What To Do When Your Instant Pot Is Dented?

instant pot dented
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instant pot dented

Unlike a normal kitchen pot, the instant pot is a cooking machine. There are a lot of electrical components built inside that are finely tuned with a delicately crafted software. In conclusion, the instant pot is a bulky machine but electrical nonetheless.

When you drop a normal pot and the pot receives a noticeable dent, the first thing that comes to mind is, ‘how am I going to fix the dent? This is going to look ugly’.

But what happens when your instant pot receives a similar dent? You freak out.

What To Do When Your Instant Pot Is Dented?

It’s a normal response – you freaking out – because there are a lot more variables to consider after denting an instant pot.

Is the internal wiring ok? Will it cause problems when pressurizing? Will it blow up? Is the internal pot affected in any way? The questions keep piling on, slowly edging you towards a mental breakdown. But, is it that severe?

Well, it depends upon two factors, the extent of damage and how it got dented.

Knowing how your instant pot got that eyesore of a dent is extremely important. Did it fall from a high place or did it go through a self-morphing process when pressurizing or depressurizing? If it’s the first one, breathe a sigh of relief and assess the extent of damage you have inflicted on the instant pot.

The outer metallic covering of the instant pot – per the Instant Brands official statement – is strictly cosmetic. Meaning, it’s there to provide protection and is in no way involved with the cooking mechanism.

If the fall was cushioned or not that severe, and only the outer metallic sheet was damaged. Then you can probably still use the instant pot for pressure cooking. But don’t start making pulled pork right off the bat, make sure of a few things first. Check the lid and see if it latches on properly. Do a water steam test, while standing away from the instant pot. Only use the instant pot if it passes these tests with flying colors.

An easy way is using a suction cup to rid your instant pot from a dent. But we advise you to do it from the inside with your hands. Opening the instant pot and looking into its components will give you an idea of how much internal damage it has received. Because while removing the dent gently with your hand you might notice a damaged wire, a broken component, etc. If you find any, contact the customer service or bring your instant pot to a certified electrician.

Now, onto the most severe case. If your instant pot morphed while cooking, turn it off, let it cool down, and then throw it away. Contact customer service and tell them what had happened.

This is something that you didn’t cause, meaning it’s something internal and it’s – most certainly – something extremely bad. Worst case scenario, the instant pot might blow up giving you or your children severe burns and months of hospital time. Try to get a refund if your instant pot still has a warranty because there is always a fair chance of getting a refund after such a horrific malfunction.

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