What Is The Float Valve On Instant Pot (Answered)

what is the float valve on instant pot
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what is the float valve on instant pot


Instant pots were designed to help you to cook food easily and quickly. These pots are manufactured in a way that does not let the heat exit the pot. It assists you to cook food faster than ordinary pots. 

What Is The Float Valve On Instant Pot?

The instant pot consists of different parts, and one of the essential parts of the instant pot is the float valve. The float valve is the crucial element that keeps the heat and steam inside the pot. Without a float valve, your instant pot will not serve perfectly.

Why is the Float Valve Important?

The float valve in an instant pot is as essential as water is for fish. The float valve pressurizes the instant pot by sealing the heat. This little part of your instant pot lets you cook your food with no difficulties faced. It maintains the pressure inside your instant pot and helps you gauge the perfect time to remove your instant pot from the stove.

How to Gauge Instant Pot Pressure through Float Valve?

Instant pot float valve does not only help you to seal the heat, but it also allows you to gauge the inside pressure of your instant pot. The float valve is always below the lid when the pressure inside your instant pot is low. When the float valve is above the lid surface, then the pressure is at its extreme.

Do not even try to open the instant pot’s lid when the float valve is above the lid. It can result in an accident leading to injuries. For opening the lid of your instant pot, wait for the float valve to go down again as the pressure is reduced then.

How to Keep the Float Valve In Order?

If you use your instant pot regularly, it is essential to clean up your instant pot’s float valve on alternate days. It becomes more crucial to maintain your instant pot’s float valve when you are cooking starchy food. If you choose otherwise, it will only result in ruining your instant pot’s cooking efficiency.

How to Clean the Float Valve?

First thing first, remove the silicon top attached to the float valve of your instant pot. After removing the silicon top, your float valve will be completely free. Secondly, you need to keep all the parts of the float valve in place. Now, clean up your float valve and place them in an orderly manner.

How to Replace an Instant Pot Float Valve?

If you own an instant pot, then it is inevitable that you will have to replace the float valve of your instant pot after some time. It’s not a hard nut to crack, but indeed it needs some expertise to be completed. You need to thread the valve through its hole, and then you need to push the silicon cover against the float valve from the inner side of your instant pot lid. 


The float valve is one of the essential elements of an instant pot without which your instant will not work well. So, to keep your instant pot in order, you must maintain the float valve of your instant pot.

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