What is Pressure Cooker Sealing Ring and How Does It Work?

What is Pressure Cooker Sealing Ring and How Does It Work?
What is Pressure Cooker Sealing Ring and How Does It Work?

When some home cooks first invest in their pressure cookers, they go for a long time without realizing the importance of the cooker’s sealing ring. The sealing ring of the pressure cooker is also sometimes commonly referred to as the gasket ring. It is typically nestled around the interior of the lid, which can make it easy to ignore. However, you should know that a pressure cooker sealing lid is one of the most essential components of the modern pressure cooker. Without it, the pressure cooker would not work as effectively or as quickly.

What is Pressure Cooker Sealing Ring and How Does It Work?

Pressure cookers need sealing rings in order for them to operate as efficiently as they should. Pressure cookers rely on the tight seal created by the sealing rid in order for them to build pressure. The sealing ring is designed to expand at high temperatures so that the gap between the lid and the inner pot can be sealed for pressure to be built within the cooking pot. After the pressure cooker lid is opened once the cooking process is complete, the sealing ring is usually noticeably loose and it will return to its original position as the pressure cooker continues to cool down.

When the sealing ring sustains damage for one reason or another, it must be replaced immediately with the proper sealing ring. Failure to do so will cause your pressure cooker to fail and in some instances, it may even cause explosions to occur. If you utilize your pressure cooker on a regular basis, it is recommended that you replace it yearly. It is also a good idea to have a sealing ring on standby at all times just in case the one that you have happens to fail at the worst possible moment.

Most sealing rings nowadays are made from silicon rubber compounds because they tend to be more durable compared to the rubber-based ones. Sealing rings can be utilized for three to four years without needing replacement.

How to take care of a pressure cooker sealing ring

The pressure cooker sealing ring can be removed and replaced with ease. Because the pressure cooker sealing ring or gasket ring is made from sensitive rubber and silicon material, damage could come to it over time owing to the heat, moisture, and pressure of the cooker.

When the sealing ring is damaged, it will cause an incomplete seal to be formed by the lid. It is imperative that you check on your sealing ring on a regular basis to make sure that it is always in great working condition. You can also take care of your pressure cooker sealing ring by:

Cleaning it properly after every use: When cleaning, you should inspect the ring carefully to make sure that there is no evidence of wear and tear that could impact its performance.

Replace your sealing ring: If you notice any thinning or tearing on the sealing ring, it is important that you replace it immediately with the right size.

Store the lid properly: When storing your pressure cooker, do so with the lid facing upside down.