All About Pressure Cooker Gasket

pressure cooker gasket
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pressure cooker gasket

Cooking is an art that not everyone can master. For every cook, using the pressure cooker is an absolute necessity because you can turn that tough meet into a soft heap of flavor. Coming forward to pressure cooker gaskets, it is the basic sealing ring. With gasket, one will be able to keep the pressure cooker airtight, so the steam is retained, and pressure builds up.

The pressure cooker gaskets are usually made of rubber or silicone. The material differs from the pressure cooker model that you are using. As simple as these pressure cooker gaskets look, they have a fair share of complexity adhered to them. In this article, we are sharing everything one needs to know about gaskets, their maintenance, and cleaning.

Taking Care of Pressure Cooker Gaskets

Usually, the gaskets are made of silicone, and instead of rubber, the user of polymer is increasing. That’s to say because rubber gaskets cannot skim through the high pressure. The prime reason for silicone gaskets is that they offer a better seal and grip. The silicone gaskets will not retain the food odor and tend to be highly durable since there is no cracking.

With this being said, it will become easier to maintain the pressure cooker gaskets. For the new gaskets, you don’t need to indulge in extensively in-depth cleaning. It is advised that you don’t pull and stretch the gasket because it leads to tearing and loss of original shape.

Cleaning The Pressure Cooker Gasket

Whenever you cook food in a pressure cooker, you need to take out the gasket and clean it with the soapy water. It is better not to wash the gaskets in dishwashers because it can adversely impact the shape. Also, you need to check for wear and tear and cracks in the gasket while cleaning it up. On top of everything, you need to look in the pressure cooker manual precisely. While installing the gasket, its right side must face the upward direction.

Replacement of Gaskets

The replacement of gaskets usually depends on the quality and brand. If you opt for a branded gasket, it may last for years, or else, you might need a replacement within a year. The pressure cookers have other rings around the lids that need maintenance. The life of the gasket can be deciphered through the material, frequency of use, and maintenance.

Also, the food you cook in the pressure cooker matters as well. On top of everything, the gasket might need a replacement even if there is no wear and tear. For instance, if the gasket gets tacky or is too hard to stretch and fit the pressure cooker lid, you need to think about replacement. Also, if you have difficulty opening and closing the lid, gasket might be culprit, so opt for replacement.

If you are unable to decide if there is a need for replacement, press your thumb on the gasket. If your thumb leaves a permanent dent, it signals vulnerability, thus the need for replacement. Also, when you replace the gasket, change the other seals as well because it will optimize the pressure.

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  1. Hello where can I find an equivalent gasket (sealing Ring) for ECKO DELUXE PRESSURE COOKER of outer dimension 10.5 inches and inner diameter 8.5 inches of the pressure cooker Sealing ring? Please inform me I will appreciate

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