Storing Food In Pans And Pots In a Refrigerator?

storing food in pots and pans in refrigerator
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storing food in pots and pans in refrigerator

Storing foods inside of the refrigerator is one of the simplest ways to keep them preserved and safe for later use. That being said, sometimes you might want to store a lot of food all at once. In order to do so, you’ll need to put the entire pan or pot inside of the fridge. Many people don’t know whether or not this is safe, which is why they tend not to do it. However, this isn’t necessarily true. Take a look below in order to learn more about storing pots and pans with food inside of them in your refrigerator.

Storing Food in Pans and Pots in a Refrigerator

Many people believe that it isn’t safe to store a pot or a pan with or without food inside the fridge. This is both true and not true, depending on the context. For example, putting a hot pot or pan inside of the fridge definitely isn’t a good choice. This is due to the fact that the hot pan/pot will ultimately affect the overall temperature of the entire fridge. When this happens, all the other food inside the refrigerator will become warm and might go bad much quicker. Warm environments allow bacteria to move much quicker, which is why this is a no-go.

On top of this, there’s another huge drawback to storing metal pans and pots filled with food inside of a fridge. The metal might cause the food inside of the pot/pan to develop a sort of metallic ‘’taste’’. This isn’t exactly deadly or that harmful, but it definitely completely ruins the food which you had stored inside. This is mainly true for foods like tomatoes and others of the sort which might react with the warm pot or pan.

On the other hand, it is completely safe to store a pot and/or pan inside of your refrigerator as long as it isn’t too warm. This means that you only have to avoid story pans/pots that are way too hot, such as those that are fresh off the oven. If you’ve just prepared something inside of a pot/pan that you want to store in the fridge, it is recommended that you leave it along with the pot/pan to cool for a while. Once some time passes and both the food and the pan/pot cool down, it will be safe for you to store them inside the fridge.

If you need to put the pot or pan in immediately, an effective solution would be to cool them with some water. Simply put a lid on top of them and place them inside a container filled with some water. However, even this isn’t recommended for pans or pots that came straight off the oven or stove. In the end, storing foods in a pot or a pan inside of a fridge is completely safe, that is as long as the pot or pan itself isn’t too hot.

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