How to Use an Old Fashioned Pressure Cooker

Old Fashioned Pressure Cooker
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How to Use an Old Fashioned Pressure Cooker

How to use an Old-Fashioned Pressure Cooker

While today’s pressure cookers are majority made to be electronic and simple, they weren’t always that way. Instead, before electric pressure cookers were created, people used a stovetop as the source of heat for their food to cook. There is a very different method of using a pressure cooker when it comes to non-electric or stovetop pressure cookers, so it is important to know the difference.

In order for a pressure cooker to work, there needs to be enough heat to generate steam. This steam builds up pressure in the pressure cooker and allows your food to cook and be moist and tender. It is not as simple as an electric pressure cooker, but it is still a relatively simple way to cook your food.

Below are the steps to use a stovetop pressure cooker accurately:

1. Look over your pressure cooker

Before using your pressure cooker, first, inspect it to ensure that it is ready for use. If your pressure cooker has valves or rubber on it, inspect that these are functioning so that no steam escapes from the pressure cooker. Also, make sure that the pot can seal properly and not leak.

2. Add the liquid and food

Once the pressure cooker is deemed ready-to-use, you must add the liquid that you are using to cook the food. Adding liquid to the pot is one of the most important steps because it is was creates steam to cook your food. Once the proper amount of liquid is added, you may add in your food.

3. Lock the pot and set the valve (if necessary)

Once the food and liquid are in the pot, seal the pot closed and adjust the valves, if applicable, to the recommended settings. Make sure that the pot is completely sealed to avoid any leakage of steam.

4. Adjust the heat

Depending on what you are cooking and how long it takes to cook, you must then adjust the heat on your stovetop and set a timer for how long it needs to be cooked. You may need to start at a high temperature to get your pressure cooker to the cooking temperature and then lower it to medium heat.

5. Keep an eye on the pressure cooker

Make sure that you keep your eye on your pressure cooker so that you can adjust the heat at the proper time. Once the steam starts to billow out a lot, you may need to adjust it, so make sure that you keep your eye on your pressure cooker.

6. Release extra pressure

Once the food is fully cooked, you must first release all of the extra pressure from the pot prior to opening it. Once the pressure is released, you may open it and allow the food to cool. When you are doing this, make sure that the food is cooked to your needs.

7. Eat up!

With all of these steps done, your food is done and ready to eat!


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