What Is Medium Low Heat? (Explained)

what is medium low heat
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what is medium low heat

From prehistoric times, man uses fire to cook food. Till today, we use heating in preparation for almost all the foods we eat every day. We generally use either burner or electric stove for heating the meal nowadays. You can cook food by roasting, frying, grilling, boiling, or baking. These methods require a different intensity of heat, depending on the meal you are cooking. For example, you can not eat undercooked beef or chicken; it must be cooked using heat. The same goes for other meals we eat daily. The intensity of heat plays a vital role in cooking a perfect meal for you and your family.

Why use heating?

We need heat to cook food. It is imperative to cook foods like fish, chicken, and eggs because heating kills the food poisoning bacteria present. Without heat, the food you eat is not edible. It makes it easier to eat and adjust. Cooking causes physical and chemical changes in the food, making it tastier and safe to eat. At the same time, there are different intensities of heat to yield the desired changes in food. You use low heat for simmering, but you require high heat when frying.

Heating in an electric stove:

Heating can be done on a burner or an oven. In an electric stove, the intensity of heat is generally denoted by knobs. The electric stoves have either six or nine knobs. If you have an electric stove of 9 knobs, medium-low heat is 3 or 4. Its temperature ranges from 140°C to 160°C. If you have six knobs on your electric stoves, 2 or 3 is the medium-low heat. Medium-low heat is generally used so that the meal is cooked thoroughly. It is also used for simmering and the reduction of excessive liquid.

What Is Medium Low Heat?

There is no exact method to specify the intensity of heat on a burner or a gas stove. You cannot directly know the temperature from it. The medium heat is regarded as the rotation of two-third of the dial from the low level. Medium-low would be slightly lower than two-third. As you cook more and try different recipes, you will better understand how much you need to rotate the dial to perfectly cook your food.

Bottom note:

If the recipe says about medium-low heat or medium-high heat, the heat taken up by the meal can be quite different. It depends on the pan’s material, the pan size, the amount of food, and the pan’s thermodynamic property. You need to observe the meal’s behavior when it’s cooking and adjusting the heating accordingly. If the recipe specifically mentions the temperature, it can be adjusted to a specific temperature on an oven or an electric stove. 300F in my oven is the same as 300F in your oven. Suppose you are unable to judge the temperature while using a gas or electric stove. In that case, you can use an infrared thermometer to get an idea about the temperature for cooking.

what is medium low heat
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