Does Instant Pot Turn Off Automatically?

does instant pot turn off automatically
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does instant pot turn off automatically

Can’t remember when to turn off your instant pot? Are you here to ask “Does Instant pot turn off automatically?” You are just absolutely right about it my friend. Your instant pot totally understands your issues and it does come up with an automatic shutdown function. You simply need to activate it.

Here in the article, we are going to see how does instant pot turns off automatically? And we’ll help you understand its automatic functions.

Does Instant Pot Turn Off Automatically?

Instant Pot – A Life Saver

The instant pot is one of the amazing modern equipment that is being used widely to reduce cooking time in almost every home. It is a lifesaver when it comes to saving cooking time. It uses steam pressure to cook food quickly and easily within it.

Now after cooking, the pressure needs to be released so that you can shut the instant pot down. But as we know, while cooking in an instant pot, it makes some kind of whistling or some hissing sounds when it’s done cooking the meal. At this moment, you might get to witness some of the inner steam coming out of the instant pot from the float valve.

That’s the part that is used to control the pressure inside the instant pot built up by steam. Whenever the pressure reaches a critical high point, the whistling means it’s time to crack the valve open so that pressure inside the pot can be maintained.

Instant Pot Release (Turn Off) Automatically

While cooking in an instant pot once you set the cooking timer, you’re good to go about your work. The Instant Pot will automatically start counting down the timer until your meal is thoroughly cooked. Then after that, you can either remove your food or you can let it stay on keep warm.

Once the automatic cooking timer stops counting down, it means you’re done for the day. At this point, if you opt for keeping your food warm inside the instant pot or not, the pot will automatically start releasing its inside pressure out slowly.

Natural Pressure Release (NPR):

This slow gradual release of instant pot pressure is called as Natural Pressure Release. This is automatically regulated by the machine every time you use it. This allows the instant pot to take its time and slowly releases the high steam pressure built up within it for cooking food.

This can take a while, maybe 20-30 minutes straight. Usually, it is safe to let the instant pot release its pressure by itself. This way, it can work at its pace and can work efficiently.

A natural pressure release functionality of your instant pot comes built-in with it. It is selected to work automatically after every time you use instant pot and cook something in it. You cannot stop it from happening. Although, if you want the pressure to be released immediately, you can open the valve by hand and let the pressure out quickly. This is called Quick Pressure Release (QPR)

Does Instant Pot turn off automatically? Yeah, it does. But you can control its pace of releasing pressure.

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