Instant Pot Timer Not Starting: 8 Ways To Fix

instant pot timer not starting
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instant pot timer not starting

The instant pot is the manufacturer of multicookers. It has many options in like a pressure cooker, rice cooker, and a slow cooker with many other advanced features. It is an affordable, efficient, and time-saving accessory you ought to have in your kitchen.

Instant Pot Timer Not Starting

If you have bought a new instant pot, and you are cooking for the first time, and here you see, its timer is not working. You do not need to get panic or go shopping to return because of its malfunction. Firstly, you should follow these troubleshooting options before taking any other action. 

1) Power connection problem:

As instant pot works on electricity, you must make sure there is a stable power connection. There should be an uninterrupted power connection and ensure the light is not dim; otherwise, the instant pot will not function.

2) Safety fuse may be blown:

The instant pot uses safety precautions for its use. Due to any inconsistency in the electricity, the fuse installed in it will be blown. Then, the instant pot will not get electricity for its use. So, your instant pot timer will not start until you fix the fuse.

3) Preheat water:

When you want to cook something, instant pot heats the water initially. The timer will not start until the temperature of the water is raised to a certain level. Keep in mind that the water will be preheated before the actual cooking starts.

4) Try by resetting the pot:

Another thing you might troubleshoot is to reset the pot because the pot uses the time and temperature that was previously used. You can also try to alter the temperature and time of the cooking.

5) Heat the water and vegetable separately:

Since the timer takes time to start because of preheating, you can heat the water and vegetable separately. This procedure can accelerate the process.

6) Read the Manual:

Before using the instant pot, you must read the manual comprehensively. The manual guides you about all the steps you should take for cooking any meal. The manual contains all information regarding cooking preparation, safety precautions, and many other topics you might need.

7) Be patient:

Wait and see. Timers take time to start because there is a preheating process for water, vegetables, or meat. It might take extra time than you are expecting it to start.

8) Check out FAQs:

You can also visit Instant pot’s official website and check out the Frequently Asked Questions from the customers. It will give you multiple solutions to the problem you are facing.


You have to make sure that there is a stable electricity connection of the instant pot through the power cord. At the same time, instant pot timer not starting might be because of a preheating process going on. The water and vegetables take time to reach a certain degree of temperature. If you can’t find out a solution from the manual, there might be an electronic problem in the unit. So, you should call an expert to handle it.

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