How To Know When Instant Pot Natural Release Is Done?

how to know when instant pot natural release is done
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how to know when instant pot natural release is done

Instant Pot is a trendy kitchen tool. Using it in your daily life cooking isn’t that hard. With its user manual and less complex equipment, it gets quite handy even for amateur cooks to go on a wild cooking journey. Although, it is quite intimidating to cook with Instant Pot, especially for newbie cooks, when it comes to knowing if the natural pressure release is done or not. You can easily find out if the natural release is done when the float valve is at the level of the lid. In this way, Instant Pot would not be sealed and the natural pressure release would be done. However, there is much more to the natural release of the Instant Pot, we will walk you through all the relevant details in this article. Stay with us!

How To Know When Instant Pot Natural Release Is Done?

Once you have your food cooked completely inside the Instant Pot, you will observe the steam pressure inside your multi-cooker would rush to get released. Considering that, there are two means by which the pressure is released.

  1. Natural release.
  2. Quick-release. 

Before you get on with the phenomenon of natural release in Instant Pot, let’s have an adequate amount of knowledge about both of the methods, as well as the way to steer clear of that hot steam and release it.

Instant Pot Natural Pressure Release:

A natural pressure release appears when you are about to let the pressure release switch over the Sealed position just when the cooking time ends. This process allows the created pressure to release slowly, without having to exert anything. After you have released the pressure completely, the float valve of your Instant Pot would drop and the lid would unlock and open on its own. 

Naturally released pressure is quite an anticlimactic as compared to a quick pressure release. There is no separate process for it as well any exact time for the pressure to be released. Moreover, no signal unlocks an Instant Pot lid. Although, you might hear the float valve dropped if you are near to it. 

Food inside the cooking pot will continue to cook as the pressure decreases.

How to Do Natural Pressure Release Using Instant Pot?

Refer to the following steps to know about the natural pressure of Instant Pot:

  1. Just as the cooking ends, wait for 10 to 25 minutes for your Instant Pot to cool down naturally. If the adjustable option of “keep warm”—which is the Instant Pot default option is left on, then the pressure would take longer to release. However, you can turn this feature off for a quick process. 
  2. Check the float valve before you open the lid when the steam stops exiting. Although, if the floating valve does not drop, then there are signs that there is still pressure inside.
  3. Before you open the pot, turn the knob. You can also turn the knob if it appears that the valve is dropped as it is always a good idea to do so, just to make sure that all the pressure is off.


There is no particular signal for your Instant Pot to show that the natural release is done, however, you can observe the aforementioned steps to know about it. 

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