What is Broasting?

What Is Broasting
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What Is Broasting

If you are a lover of fried chicken, then you must have undoubtedly come across the term broasting. Broasting is a well-known method used by restaurants and eateries to prepare crispy fried chicken.

However, contrary to popular belief, broasting is not a word coined from the terms broiled and roasted. Rather, broasting is a cooking technique that relies on pressure frying; producing chicken that contains fewer calories and one that is moist yet crispy on the outside.

Get to know the term Broasting

Origins of Broasting

Broasting, a term acquired from Broaster, is actually a company established in 1954 in a little town in Wisconsin known as Beloit. Today, Beloit is actually known as the home of broasted chicken.

L.A.M. Phelan invented the broasting technique in 1952. He had been in search of a frying technique that would allow him to prepare fried chicken quickly. However, unable to find a frying technique that could work efficiently while producing a high-quality product, Phelan set about to create his own technique.

After months of research, Phelan eventually settled for the technique; combining the components of a pressure cooker and a deep fryer. Not only did this frying technique allow him to produce fried chicken quickly, but the results were also outstanding. A year after L.A.M. Phelan unveiled his groundbreaking deep-frying technique, which resulted in the creation of the Broaster Company.

What makes the broasted chicken so different?

Broasted chicken is prepared when it is deep-fried under pressure. However, to completely broaster the chicken, deep-fry it in a broaster, as well as incorporate the secret blend of spices and marinade that accompanied the invention.  But before frying, marinate and dust it in a special mix of herbs and spices that have remained relatively the same since Phelan introduced his invention and cooking technique.

Broasted chicken is typically soft and moist on the inside and golden and crispy on the outside; something that is hard to achieve with regular air fryers or deep fryers. Broasters are not sold for home use. As such, if you want to enjoy genuine broasted chicken, you have to go to a restaurant that specializes in cooking broasted chicken.

Even to this day, Beloit is still producing Broaster pressure fryers. The core of the Broaster pressure fryer is its cylindrical pot. The cylindrical shape does a better job, compared to deep fryers, of heating the pot and the oil evenly to produce crispy deep-fried chicken. The largest commercial Broaster has the ability to produce about 22 pounds of chicken in a short ten minutes! Because the chicken cooks quickly, the process loses only a little amount of moisture while reducing the amount of oil absorbed by the chicken.

What’s the difference between broasted chicken and KFC chicken?

The Broaster came before KFC- as a matter of fact, the very 1st patent ever recorded for a commercial pressure fryer. When Phelan was creating his commercial Broaster, The Colonel had not yet adapted his pressure fryer. The KFC pressure fryer came later on but both cooking techniques generally rely on pressure frying.

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