What Is A Pressure Fryer?

What Is A Pressure Fryer
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What Is A Pressure Fryer

The pressure fryers work just like the pressure cooker. The food is fried at high pressure with a lid over the fryer. I suspect pressure fryers were made for commercial purposes because they can cook foods by frying very quickly and you can find models with large spaces to accommodate much food.

However, the demand for pressure fryers has made manufacturers design smaller and portable models for private use. Pressure fryers are in high demand because they can be used to fry foods and retain all the flavour and juices after frying.

What Is A Pressure Fryer

Pressure Fryers for domestic use

This has to be one of the best things that happened in the kitchen; we all know how helpful the pressure cookers are; now there are fryers that work the same way. It means we get more benefits; pressure fryers can be used to fry meat cuts and other foods. They can also be used to make soups that require some fried ingredients. The same process can be followed whether you are using the pressure fryer for commercial or your home cooking.

The depth of the pressure fryer allows you to deep fry your foods; these cookers also come with racks so you can place foods in these racks if you don’t want to deep fry. When used for domestic cooking, your foods will turn out perfect. Fried meats will have less grease when you bring the pieces out of the pressure fryer. However, all the juices, browning, and grease will remain in the pressure fryer. You need these juices and grease to add more flavour to your soups or stews, so don’t throw it away.

Why can’t a pressure cooker be used for frying?

The pressure cooker can’t be used to fry with its lid on because the heat from oil will damage the gasket. This is why you need the pressure fryer; it has a lid that has been perfectly designed to cause a build-up of pressure while frying foods.

In a pressure fryer, the temperature can rise as high as 250 0F; the fryer is built to maintain this temperature to ensure the meat is fried quickly. Pressure fryers are easy to use; many models have transparent lids to give you a view of the food you are frying.

How to use pressure fryers

The process is quite simple. All you need is a good recipe to follow, according to your recipe, you will be directed to put an adequate amount of oil and prepare the meat cuts or other foods you want to fry. After preparing your meats, following the recipe, you will need to preheat the pressure fryer.

Your pressure fryer is ready when the oil starts to sizzle, place your meat cuts in the fryer and close the lid. The cooking time is determined by the recipe you are using. Ensure that you follow the right cooking time to get the best results. It is also important to note the quantity of oil you are using to fry the meat cuts. It must be the same with the specifications in your recipe.

While frying foods, you may experience browning, if this is expected, you should find more information in the recipe. However, after frying for the specified cooking time, take out your fried meat cuts, and turn off your heat source. Keep the residue from browning, and grease for later use.

Things to note

If you do some research about frying foods, you will notice there is a variance in the quantity of oil to put in the pressure fryer for different foods. For example, the popular fried chicken will require about ¼ or ½ a cup of oil depending on the number of meat cuts you are frying. There are also recommendations to follow when buying your oil.

It is best to avoid oil that splatters when used for frying; the hot oil can quickly compromise the seals on your pressure fryer. In many cases, you may be instructed by the manufacturer on tips to manage the temperature when using the pressure fryer.

Many manufacturers of pressure fryers also recommend that users must ensure the quantity of oil does not exceed ¼ of a standard cup. This rule applies to owners of pressure fryers who plan to use it in their homes only. The bigger models for commercial use can accommodate more oil because they have a larger space.

Safety features on pressure fryers

The pressure fryer also has some innovative safety features to protect you from burns while setting or removing the cookware from the heat source. These safety features may be different in the various brands of pressure fryers, so it is important that you read the manual written for users carefully.

Generally, the lid is always secure in these fryers. While the pressure fryer is in use, the lid is held in place with the metal bar positioned over the fryer. This bar is sturdy and can withstand the pressure generated inside the fryer when it is in use. You should, however, be cautious and alert at all times. The pressure fryer also has release valves and safety mechanisms to lower the pressure in the vessel before you can open it to remove the fried food.

As stated earlier, the locking mechanisms for the lid on your pressure cooker may be different from the model you have seen on TV or in a friend’s kitchen. To avoid any issues, you should read the manual and practice with the locking mechanism a few times before using the pressure cooker in the kitchen.

Modern pressure fryers are also equipped with a smart system that activates the pressure valves when the pressure generated is too high. This system helps to manage the pressure generated; the excess pressure escapes through the valves. However, your food will be cooked appropriately regardless of the excess pressure leaving the vessel of your pressure fryer.

The pressure needed to fry foods is not very high; the average pressure fryer works well at a pressure of about 12 psi. Foods are also fried quickly so this pressure can be maintained without any problems. Also ensure that the pressure fryer you are buying has been designed to be eco-friendly, to eliminate harmful emissions into the atmosphere while you are frying foods.

Pressure cookers are great, give it a try, and remember, your recipe is the best guide to great cooking.

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