How To Fix Warped Baking Sheets? (The Towel & Wood Block Method)

how to fix warped baking sheet
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how to fix warped baking sheet

The baking sheets are widely used in the kitchens, particularly where people like to bake a lot. However, these baking sheets need to be straight on the bottom to make sure the food is cooked evenly and from all sides. In simpler words, it ensures that there are no hotspots in the food. On the other hand, with constant use, the baking sheets get warped, and this article has all the solutions that you can try out.

How To Fix Warped Baking Sheets?

Then the baking sheet is cooled or heated rapidly; some of its parts contract or expand faster than the others, which results in uneven contraction or expansion of the sheets, which is known as warping. It is caused when you rinse the hot baking sheet with cold water or if the burner size and pan are mismatched. Now that we have shared the basic reason behind the warping of baking sheets, let’s see how you can prevent this issue and fix it.

The Towel Method

The first solution is to use the towel method, as it’s actually the simplest way of fixing the warped baking sheet. To follow the towel method, follow these instructions;

  • Look for a hard and flat surface, such as a concrete floor, stone bench, or workbench. When you find the surface, lay down a towel on the surface, which serves as padding to make sure there is no additional damage to the baking sheet
  • Heat your baking sheet on low heat for seven to ten minutes because the warmer sheets are more convenient to manipulate as compared to hard and cold baking sheets
  • If the baking sheet has warped in an upward direction, you need to put it as you would place it in the oven. On the other hand, if the baking sheet has downward warping, put in the face-down form
  • Now, put another towel on the facing side of the baking sheet to add more protection
  • Then, use your mallet or hammer to gently tap the warped areas of the sheet and continue until the original shape is restored. If the warping doesn’t come off, you can increase the pressure, and you can also flip the baking sheet to the other side to tap on it to make sure the baking sheet is even

The Wood Block Method

If your baking sheet has severe warping, you can depend on the woodblock method. The initial steps of this process are the same as the towel method. In particular, you need to follow the same steps till putting the baking sheet on the towel. Now, follow the below-mentioned instructions;

  • Rather than putting a second towel on the baking sheet, you should put a flat wooden block on the warped area of the sheet. It is suggested to opt for a 2×4 piece to make sure it fits the sheet and lays flat on the surface
  • Now, start hitting this wooden block with the mallet or hammer until the baking sheet achieves the original shape
  • Then, adjust the wooden block until the entire sheeting pan has restored the original shape. You can also flip the sheet over and hit the wooden block from the other side to make even the baking sheet is even

Prevention Tips

There are only two methods that you can try for fixing the warped baking sheets, but there are multiple prevention tips that you can try to make sure the baking sheets don’t warp in the first place. Some of these prevention tips include;

  • You should not rinse your baking sheets with cold water, especially when you have taken out the sheet from the oven. This is because it creates a thermal shock, which is the most common reason for warping. Keep in mind that warping caused by thermal shock is not considered by the cookware manufacturers. So, we suggest that you let the baking sheet cool down before you rinse it
  • You must not overheat the baking sheet because exposure to extremely high temperatures can lead to warping when you put cold meat, deglazing liquid, and water on the sheet
  • When the baking sheet is too big for your oven’s burner. This is because it results in uneven heat distribution, which leads to uneven expansion or contraction of the sheets
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