Can You Boil Eggs Twice: Reboiling The Eggs?

can you boil eggs twice
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can you boil eggs twice

Boiled eggs are always one of the safest choices for people who like healthy eating and want a good source of protein. Ranging from snacking to adding them to salads and different dishes, it can be used in different ways (it’s pretty versatile), and it will reap amazing health benefits. However, there are times when people boil eggs but don’t use them at the time and need to heat them again. For this reason, they ask, “can you boil eggs twice?” Honestly, it’s a pretty unconventional point, and we are sharing the details with you!

Can You Boil Eggs Twice?

Reboiling The Eggs – Everything You Must Remember

If you are still thinking if it’s possible or not, you can obviously reboil the eggs, but there are some things to keep in mind. For instance, if you boiled the eggs only a few minutes ago, it’s not to boil them again because it could ruin the eggs. This is because if you have to reboil the eggs, make sure that the eggs are properly cooled down first. For this reason, you have to put the boiled eggs in the refrigerator and let them sit down for a few hours. Once the eggs are cooled down, you can put them in the boiling water again. On the other hand, if you are thinking about reboiling the peeled eggs, that is also possible.

Proper Techniques For Reboiling

When it comes down to reboiling the eggs, it is possible that you simply warm them up in the microwave oven, but it’s not suitable for boiling them more. In simpler words, a microwave oven cannot be used to cook undercooked eggs because the microwave is only good for heating the eggs. So, the right way to reboil the eggs is using the stovetop, especially when you wanted hard-boiled eggs, but they turned out to be soft-boiled eggs. So, for reboiling the eggs, make sure they are put in the refrigerator for a few hours so they are cooled down. In the section, we have mentioned the instructions to reboil the eggs on the stovetop;

  • Put the eggs into the cup or bowl that’s safe to be used with boiling water
  • Boil water on the stovetop
  • Pour the boiling hot water on the eggs in the cup or bowl until the eggs are fully covered
  • Cover it with the lid and let the eggs sit in this hot water until the water cools down
  • After this, take off the take and remove eggs from the cup

This method of reboiling the eggs is suitable for peeled as well as non-peeled eggs. Keep in mind that this method will harden up the eggs while the shell will be easier to peel off (if you were reboiling the non-peeled eggs).

In addition to using the stovetop, one can also use the microwave oven for reboiling the eggs. This is a suitable method for reboiling the eggs when they are yolk, and the white part is separated. For this purpose, add the yolk to the bowl, put on the thirty-second mark until it attains a darker color.

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