Instant Pot Infused Water: Easy & Homemade!

Instant Pot Infused Water: Make Your Own!
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Instant Pot Infused Water: Make Your Own!

Instant Pot Infused Water

We are offering you Instant Pot infused water since we care for your health as health is the biggest blessing one could ever ask for. If you are a busy person and cannot spend more time preparing detox water for yourself, use an Instant Pot for making infused water. Wealth without health is of no use. Health is the biggest blessing bestowed by God. Maintaining health and consuming a proper diet is the primary responsibility of us.

Why infused water important for us?

One of the essentials for maintaining proper health is to increase the intake of water. It aids in all functions of our body and helps to flush out toxins. It is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water, which equals 64 ounces every single day. To make water more favorable and nutritious, adding herbs, fruits, vegetables, and making smoothies is very beneficial for a person.

Benefits of infused water

You can infuse the water with fresh fruits and vegetables that will add minerals and vitamins to water and enhance the value of water. This detox water can also be added in a routine if you are following to attain the target of weight loss. Moreover, this infused water also has many benefits like appetite control, hydration, immune defense, heartburn prevention, blood sugar regulation, and energy rejuvenation. Since it is the age of work, and every individual is too busy in his monotonous routine. But we care for your health and offer you the Instant Pot to prepare infused water. It is often exhausting to spend hours making detox water, and sometimes a person gets fed up with it. But now there is a better solution.

How to make Instant Pot infused water?

You can prepare water infused with many flavors of fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs, etc. like Cucumber Mint, Strawberry Lemon Basil, and Triple Citrus, Blueberry Lime, Mango Ginger, Apple Cinnamon, cardamom, chili, star anise, rosemary, mint, thyme, and Peach Raspberry Lemonade and many more. You can use both fresh and frozen fruit vegetables in a pot. It is easy, less time consuming, cheap, attractive as it forms beautiful colors, healthy, and it will provide you full satisfaction. It is naturally sweetened and great tasting.

To prepare infused water using an Instant Pot, gather all the ingredients, including water herbs, fruits, vegetables, or whatever you want, and put them in a steamer basket. Next, place the steamer basket into the pot, add a generous amount of water (not exceeding the max level), close the lid, and seal it so that no material can come out of the pot. Then cook it at high pressure for 5 minutes. After doing a quick release, open the Instant Pot and let it cool for 5 minutes. Then lift the steamer basket and pour the infused water into a jug or freeze it in the form of ice cubes if you want to prepare a bulk of it. Chill infused water before consuming and serving.

You can use any of the fruit or vegetable as a base and follow the same procedure to prepare infused water. Now you can prepare infused water in a few minutes at any time of the year! Drink Instant Pot infused water daily and be healthy.


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