7 Best Substitutes For Egg In Lasagna

substitutes for egg in lasagna
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substitutes for egg in lasagna

If you’re a vegetarian, egg-allergic, or ran out of eggs at the last minute, you might be wondering how to make lasagna without using eggs in it. We know that replacing some of the ingredients in your favorite dish can be difficult.

Also most of the people who are on a low cholesterol diet try to avoid eggs due to higher cholesterol contents. If you fall in any of the above categories you don’t need to avoid your favorite dish just because it contains eggs anymore. Try the following substitutes instead

Eggs in Lasagna- What’s the purpose?

If you’ve ever tasted a delicious lasagna with creamy, strong cheese flowing from a soft pasta sheet, you might have wondered why the cheese is so thick and juicy. Well, don’t be surprised, it’s an egg!

Eggs make lasagna softer and more delicious! But how?

The cheese itself can be very creamy, but in lasagna, you need a bit of a binder to prevent layering and separating while cooking. So this is where eggs come in handy. Eggs are whipped and then mixed with cheese to tie the cheese together with the base.

Best Substitutes For Egg In Lasagna

1.    Water and flaxseed

Water and flaxseed are great for all recipes that use eggs as a binder, it’s even used in cakes and muffins. Add a little water to the crushed flaxseed to make it sticky! This way the water breaks down flax fibers called mucus, the sticky part of the seed layer, making the whole mixture sticky.

2.    Unsweetened Zucchini puree

You can replace pumpkin puree with eggs. If you use a slightly different lasagna with more seasonal flavor than traditional varieties and have unsweetened zucchini, this is a great way to keep the texture you want and make a difference. You can even replace the traditional red sauce with a white sage-based white sauce as this lasagna dish tastes better in the fall.

3.    Bechamel sauce

If you are looking for the next step in traditional lasagna, you don’t even need to add ricotta cheese for this. Bechamel sauce replaces eggs and ricotta both at once. To do this, make a sauce by combining flour, milk, butter, and, if desired, your favorite hard or semi-soft cheese, such as mozzarella, parmesan, or vegan cheese. Then apply everything to a layer of lasagna and repeat There are so many ways to change this method to your liking. Feel free to add new spices or other sauces to this egg dish

4.    Plain Yogurt.

As with Bechamel sauce, this option allows you to replace ricotta cheese with hard or semi-soft cheese. Regular yogurt has the same structure as ricotta cheese, but because of its thickness, it sticks better. So, if you don’t use eggs, you can add unsweetened plain yogurt to the ricotta mixture to make it a bit thicker. This keeps it in place and makes the lasagna even more creamy.

5.    Cream with cornstarch

You can go for Heavy Cream for the creamiest lasagna. This option is perfect for those looking for a thick, juicy, and creamy lasagna texture. Mix the thick cream and a little cornstarch, then mix it with ricotta cheese to make a delicious egg-free lasagna

6.    Water and Arrowroot

Like water and flax water, a mixture of arrowroot and water are good binders in most pastries like lasagna if you choose not to use eggs. All you need to do for this is to mix about 1 tablespoon of sage powder and 2 tablespoons of water. After mixing, mix with cheese and spread over the pasta layer.

7.    Mashed potato

When you cook soft potatoes and mash them, the thickness can be a good binder for lasagna. Mix vegetable puree and ricotta cheese and stack them in layers. If you want a completely vegan alternative, you can also skip cheese with this one. Vegetable puree gives the delicate, dense, and satisfying texture you’re looking for in a lasagna.

Wrapping up

If you are avoiding eggs for any reason or do not have enough eggs at home for a specific lasagna recipe, try using these substitutes. These alternatives will help you fulfill the absence of eggs without compromising the texture or taste.

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