Does Ricotta Cheese Melt? (Answered)

does ricotta cheese melt
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does ricotta cheese melt

There are hundreds of different types of cheese out there which are all great in their own way. Each of these have applications in specific recipes and each of them have unique origins of their own, with distinct tastes and sometimes even distinct appearances.

One of the more popular types of cheese out there, even if not the most popular, is ricotta cheese. There are many who believe that this is one type of cheese that cannot be melted, and we’re here to discuss in full detail whether this truly is the case or not.

Does Ricotta Cheese Melt?

Ever since ricotta cheese first came into being, which was many, many centuries ago, one thing that most people have always believed is that it cannot be melted regardless of what type of sauce it is put into.

The reason why so many people have always believed this and continue to believe this even today is because it is tested. To answer the question very simply, it is pretty much impossible for the ricotta cheese to properly melt and still be fit for use.

Ricotta cheese is a type of ingredient which is actually derived from other types of cheese itself. For example, if you ever heat up/cook mozzarella, there will be some leftover liquid. If users collect this leftover liquid and then decide to cook it, the resulting substance which is formed will be called ricotta cheese.

It is very easy to make in homes and can be found prepared in super markets as well, and there’s a pretty good reason as to why it never melts properly. More information regarding said reason is given below.

The Reason Behind Ricotta Cheese Not Melting

The process of preparing ricotta cheese isn’t as simple as just taking the leftover liquid from other cheese’s and cooking it. While it is the main concept, it is still a little complicated since there is a very specific way in which this leftover liquid must be prepared in order to turn into proper ricotta cheese.

This specific process of preparing the cheese involves an acidic substance. When mixed together with said acidic substance, the result is ricotta cheese which has a smooth texture and a very milky, salty, as well as mild taste which goes great in a number of different foods.

The most important thing to take from all this if you’re looking to learn why ricotta cheese never melts is that the acidic substance used in the process provides the resulting ingredient to be very heat resistant. Specifically speaking, the proteins in this cheese are the ones that are heat resistant, making them nearly impossible to melt while making sure they’re still edible.

It is the reason why this particular type of cheese is such a popular choice for cheesecakes, lasagne, and other foods of the sort. So now you know that ricotta cheese doesn’t melt, and the reason why this is so.

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