5 Ways To Fix Pulled Pork Not Shredding

pulled pork not shredding
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pulled pork not shredding

For every non-vegetarian person out there, devouring the different types of meat is the perfect activity. With this being said, we are pretty sure that pulled pork is one of your favorite dishes. The pulled pork is a famous American dish and is cooked in a way that seamlessly pulls away from the strands.

These meat strands are always soft and are mixed up with spices and sauces for an appealing taste. With this being said, pulled pork is a fine choice for wraps and sandwiches. However, if the pulled pork not shredding for you, we have added some fixes and hacks to help you out!

Pulled Pork Not Shredding

1) The Meat Cut

When you are buying meat for pulled pork, keep in mind that not every pig meat cut can be used for making pulled pork. So, make sure that the meat cut has a structure that can be transformed into thin strands without losing the juiciness and tenderness. With this being said, you can opt for spare ribs.

2) Structure & Tissue Type

For people who need the right pulled pork that has the strands pulling out seamlessly, you need to opt for connective muscles. With this being said, such muscle cuts will have collagen which can be broken down into gelatin when you cook the pork for a long time. The primary choices are the cuts from the neck or shoulder because there is a higher connective tissue count.

With this being said, once those cuts are cooked, they will transform into fibers. Consequently, the pulled pork will shred properly. In simpler terms, just use the meat cuts that are cut out from the parts that had to work hard during the pig’s life. For instance, you can opt for neck muscle, legs, shoulder, and thighs because these parts move a lot; hence the shredding will be seamless.

3) Fat & Skin

While making pulled pork, you need to make sure that there is fat. The fat content will optimize the flavor. When the fats are cooked for a longer time period, it will melt and become a soft part of the meat. This will make sure that the pulled pork shreds properly. In addition, while making pulled pork out of shoulder cut, make sure that there is a bit of skin on the top that offers the crisp texture.

4) Cooking Time

When you are making the pulled pork, and it’s not shredding properly, there are higher chances that the meat is undercooked. This is because pulled pork shreds properly when it is cooked properly because fibers need time to break down. Also, overcooking is always suggested for pulled pork because the central temperature of the meat must be at least 195-degrees Fahrenheit for proper shredding.

5) Marination

If you have to make sure that pulled pork is shredding properly, it is suggested to marinate the pork with black pepper and salt. This will bring in the juices, leading to a seamless texture.

The bottom line is that if you aren’t able to shred the pulled pork for salads or sandwiches, you can simply slice or dice it!

pulled pork not shredding
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