Cooking Pork Shoulder Fat Side Up Or down In Slow Cooker

pork shoulder fat side up or down slow cooker
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pork shoulder fat side up or down slow cooker

Everyone wants to have tender juicy delicious and perfectly cooked meat. Most of the people prefer Barbecue because it tenderizes the meat and provides the perfect juiciness to it. But have you ever thought of using a slow cooker for the same task? Slow cookers are very efficient when it comes to preparing juicy and delicious meat.

Slow cookers might not give the exact effect of Barbeque but if you learn the right way to use a slow cooker for preparing pork shoulder then you can prepare your favourite meal according to your expectations. You can add more flavours to your meal by adding sauces and then roll it up into burritos or rice. You can simply add it up into some other recipes to enjoy the meaty effect.

Pork Shoulder is Pork Butt

When you are choosing for brazing, the best part of the pork meat is pork shoulder or butt. It contains well-marbled and fatty meat with a good thick layer of fat. Many people get confused when calling pork shoulder a pork butt but it’s not a mistake. The pork shoulders are not called pork butts because they come from the back of the pig but because they were once shipped in something that was called butts.

Fat Cap

Whenever you get a large piece of any meat like pork shoulder or butt then you can observe that there is a fat cap or a layer of thick white fat lying on the top of that meat. This fat layer can be of a variety of thickness and it can be measured in inches as well. Most of the time this fat layer has to be removed before cooking.

The butcher is supposed to remove the fat layer but if it hasn’t been removed then you will have to trim it down yourself. While trimming it you must make sure that you do not remove the whole layer of fat. It must be trimmed very carefully so that you only remove the extra one.

Cooking Pork Shoulder Fat Side Up Or down In Slow Cooker

Cooking With Pork Shoulder Fat Side Up

Some people prefer cooking with the fat cap lying on the upper side. They do this because it is believed that it allows the melting of fat, which can make it penetrate more flavour to the meat. But the professionals say that this does not happen because the meat is majorly water and fat is hydrophobic oil. The con of putting fat side up is, when it melts, it washes away the spice rub and takes away the flavour from the meat before it’s properly cooked.

Cooking With Pork Shoulder Fat Side Down

Some people also believe that cooking with the fat side down gives more flavour to the meal and is a better way. It works great because the fat side will create insulation while cooking in the slow cooker. This insulation will prevent the meat from drying up and it would not expose the meat to direct heat. It also lets the meat get more steam at the upper layer to get more tenderized.

Hopefully, this quick guide can help you decide which side of your pork shoulder you want to put up and what kind of meat texture you want in your favourite meal.

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