3 Best Beef Substitutes For Pork Shoulder

beef substitute for pork shoulder
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beef substitute for pork shoulder

If you are fond of meat, we are certain that you are always looking for the perfect meat cut that makes the perfectly juicy meal. For this reason, people often choose pork shoulder, but not everyone likes to consume pork. For this reason, we are sharing the beef substitutes for pork shoulder.

Pork Shoulder – What Is It?

This is the triangular pork cut that is cut out from the front leg of the animal. It is a relatively cheaper cut that tends to have a fat layer, and the skin is left on. Pork shoulder is widely used as a ham cut and is available with the leg bone. When the pig is alive, the shoulder part gets too much activity which increases the flavor. Moreover, the fat marbling is pretty less which means it will become tough when it’s not cooked properly. Pork shoulder has a meaty texture and flavor and tends to have a specific sweetness level when it’s cooked.

Beef Substitute For Pork Shoulder

1. Beef Brisket

If you want beef alternatives, the first and most popular option is beef brisket. Beef brisket is the meat cut that is cut out from the lower chest or breast area of veal or beef. This is actually one of the primal cuts of the beef. Beef brisket is known to have deep and superficial pectorals. Since cows don’t have collar bones, the beef brisket is known to support at least 60% of the cattle’s weight. This is why beef brisket has connective tissue, which means you need to cook it properly to make it tender. It can be cooked in multiple ways, such as roasting, boiling, and baking. In addition, the meat can also be basted during the cooking process.

For the most part, beef brisket is known to be tough but has collagen fibers which means the meat is tenderized whenever the meat is cooked. In addition, beef brisket has the fat cap attached to the meat cut, which means the meat will dry out if it’s cooked for a longer time period. As for the cooking, it can be marinated with spice rubs and is cooked over wood or charcoal (the heat is always slow and indirect). The best thing about beef brisket is that it is easy to find in the grocery market.

2. Lamb Shoulder

Lamb’s shoulder is a second substitute for people who want to enjoy the tenderness and flavor of pork shoulder but want to eat beef. To begin with, lamb shoulder is much more reasonably priced and has a roasting joint. Lamb shoulder is known to have higher fat content, which means it needs to be cooked through roasting. The best preparation method is roasting the lamb shoulder at a slow and low temperature for proper rending. In addition, a sufficient amount of fat results in juicy and moist meat. If you don’t know where it is cut from, it is cut from the front leg’s upper part. At this point, we do want to add the lamb shoulder is challenging to carve because it has a central bone. However, the users can get the lamb shoulder rolled and boned.

3. Chuck Steak

Chuck steak is the beef cut which makes it suitable for replacing the pork shoulder. It is known to be cut from the sub-primal cut, commonly referred to as chuck. Chuck steak has a rectangular shape, and the thickness is around one inch. It has a specific part of the shoulder bones, and some people know it as a seven-bone steak. Chuck steak can be broiled and grilled, while the thicker meat version is available as a seven-bone roast. As for the availability, it is readily available and has an economical price tag. It also goes by the name of braising steak in the United Kingdom. In addition, chuck steak can be used for making ground beef since it has a sufficient amount of fats and leads to a rich flavor. Chuck steak has collagen, which melts down during the cooking process, resulting in a juicy dish. Lastly, it’s suitable for slow-cooking, stewing, and braising.

To summarize, finding the beef substitutes for pork shoulder is challenging because the options are limited. However, these three options are pretty suitable, and you can find them pretty easily in the grocery stores and butcher shops.

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