Instant Pot Melted Bottom? (Be Cautious)

instant pot melted bottom
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instant pot melted bottom

People often end up ordering food because they don’t have the time it takes to prepare a meal.

When a person comes back tired from the office, they would want their meal to be ready by the time they change their clothes and get fresh. But it is not possible to cook food so quickly unless you have an Instant Pot.

Instant Pots have changed the lives of people who lead busy lives. Whether you are tired after work or welcoming unexpected guests, you would want the meal to get ready quickly.

instant pot
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With an Instant Pot, you can quickly cook delicious food for you and your family.

Modern electrical appliances are slowly replacing the old appliances in every house. Whether it is an automatic washing machine or an air fryer oven, we all love our new appliances as they have made our lives a whole lot easier.

But with modern machines come new problems. There are issues that can only arise in an electrical machine. Your old pressure cooker would not stop working if you had a power outbreak.

instant pot
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Instant Pots are good for many reasons, one of which is the fact that they hardly ever present any issues. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any problems at all.

As it is a smart pressure cooker, there are many problems that can arise with its main components. Sometimes, a wire can break which will stop your pot from cooking food.

Your appliance may also show error messages if there is not enough liquid in your food or you haven’t closed the lid properly. If you don’t clean it regularly, that can also keep your Instant Pot from performing perfectly.

While the Instant Pots are durable, physical damage is also very possible. One example of this is the melted bottom issue, which is very common among specific models of the Instant Pot.

This problem is quite common and very serious at the same time, and we’ll be discussing it today.

Instant Pot Melted Bottom Issue

A melted machine can be very dangerous. If it is the cord of your Instant Pot that has melted, you need to contact an electrician or send it for repairs straightaway. You should not try to fix the cord at home.

You can seriously harm yourself if you try to fix such an issue yourself. It is better to leave such matters to the professionals. Even if it is the melted bottom of your appliance, leaving the matter to the professionals is the best option.

The melted bottom issue with Instant Pots is a lot more common than you would think. Many users all over the world have experienced it.

In fact, there was even an Instant Pot multi-cooker model that had to be canceled as its bottom kept melting and causing serious damage.

In short, the issue is very common and it is plausible that you’ve experienced it as well. Here’s everything you need to know about this issue and how you can fix it.

Why Does the Instant Pot’s Bottom Melt?

instant pot
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Whether you have modern appliances in your kitchen or old ones, you will have to take care of them. Most of the time when a machine gets damaged, it is because of human error.

We are forgetful creatures and can make mistakes once in a while. From putting a silver spoon in the microwave oven to forgetting to plug in a machine, we have done it all.

There is usually no way to avoid human error. But you can learn to be more careful. It is important that you read the instructions manual of your Instant Pot before you start using it.

There will be enough information in the manual about the pot and how you can keep it safe.

There is mainly only one reason for the melted bottom of your Instant Pot. The reason is that many people tend to put their Instant Pots on the stove and accidentally turn the burner on.

When this happens, the bottom of the pot starts to melt gradually and the damage is pretty much irreparable if you don’t take action in time.

This is why each and every Instant Pot user must make sure that they never leave their pot on an ignited burner at any time.

instant pot
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When people are preparing meals in a hurry, they begin to multitask. They start preparing a salad, while also getting out dishes and spoons.

In such a situation, they can make mistakes like putting the Instant Pot on the stove without turning off the burner first. If a person has a small kitchen, they are more likely to make this mistake.

Once the food is ready, they will put the Instant Pot on the burner to make more space on the shelf. But this simple mistake can damage the Instant Pot irreparably.

It is important to keep calm while you are working in the kitchen, not only to keep your appliances safe but also for your own safety.

If you make a mistake, you can get hurt. If you keep your own safety your priority, you will be less likely to make mistakes in the kitchen. As a result, your appliances will also remain safe from all kinds of damages.

How to Fix the Issue?

If you’re one of the many users whose Instant Pot’s bottom has melted, you’ll be sad to learn that there is no fix for this issue.

While many people might offer you a potential solution, it is highly recommended that you don’t try any of them. Once your appliance has suffered this damage, it won’t be able to work again.

As the Instant Pot is a pressure cooker, you should never try to use it once there is structural damage. Pressure could leak out of the pot and there can be all kinds of different problems.

In some cases, using a damaged pressure cooker can also result in a fatal explosion.

instant pot new
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You shouldn’t try to use your current pot again even in the event that only a slight part of the bottom is melted. Instead, it is recommended that you get your pot exchanged or purchase a new one.

This is the only way that you can continue using an Instant Pot again after facing the melted bottom issue.

For those who love their Instant Pot, it can be difficult to say goodbye to it. But no matter what kind of promises someone makes, they can’t really repair the melted bottom of your Instant Pot.

If you don’t want to become seriously injured by using the damaged Instant Pot, you should throw it away. But before that, you must confirm with the seller if your pot can be exchanged.

How to Avoid this Issue?

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Although there is no solution for the melted bottom problem, you can avoid it easily by not putting your Instant Pot on the stove while the burner is on.

It can be difficult to keep this fact in mind when you are handling multiple things at once in the kitchen. But the thought of damaging your Instant Pot should be enough to keep you from putting it on the stove.

Humans can’t avoid making mistakes. But it is important to avoid the mistakes that can be dangerous for our safety.

If you leave the Instant Pot on the stove for a long period of time, it will not only damage the appliance but also your stove and kitchen. Your safety might also be at risk once your device begins to melt.

If you think it will help, you can also put sticky notes in your kitchen to keep you from putting the pot on the stove.

When you keep on avoiding the stove intentionally, it will become a habit and you won’t end up putting the pot on it accidentally.


As you can see, this issue is quite common. On top of this, the damage caused by a melted bottom is also irreparable and there’s always only one reason behind it.

It is suggested that you get a new pot and start using that one instead, as using the one with the melted bottom is simply too risky and dangerous.

It is also important that you never leave your Instant Pot on the stove again either, as that is the only real cause for this problem and you can easily avoid it.

If you love your Instant Pot and want it to keep cooking delicious meals for you, then you should start taking care of it.

Sometimes, people forget that an electrical appliance only needs to be connected to an electricity source and not put on the burner.

But if you want to avoid any serious damage to your machine, you should always keep this fact in mind. If you have melted the bottom of your Instant Pot, it is best to get a new one.

You surely can’t imagine your life without an Instant Pot now. But you should not try to use the damaged one, which is why getting a new pot is the perfect option.

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