3 Reasons Why Instant Pot Explode

instant pot explode
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instant pot explode

Afraid you might get hurt if your instant pot explodes? YES, that instant pot of yours can explode at any time if it is malfunction, causing you serious damage. There have been a number of cases where instant pot explodes during cooking.

Why does it happen? How can you save yourself from getting severe injuries? Here, in this article, you’ll get all the information you need about instant pot explosions.

Can My Instant Pot Explode?

Instant pots are used for Pressure-cooking that helps to prepare food in no time. Usually, the food that may take hours of cooking, can be cooked in a few minutes using an instant pot. The pressure inside the Instant pot is regulated between 10.12 – 11.6 psi with the help of a pressure regulator.

Whenever, due to any reason, this pressure inside the pot exceeds a limit of 15.25 psi, your instant pot explodes. This is because the steam building inside the pot reaches its maximum limit that needs immediate evacuation. Therefore, at this moment, the chances of your instant pot exploding suddenly during cooking are higher than anything else.

Instant Pot Explosion Scenarios

Many such cases have been reported where Instant Pot is seen to be exploded with a loud noise, spilling everywhere the ingredients present inside. This usually creates a terrible mess around the house, especially in the kitchen. But other than that, an explosive instant pot is extremely dangerous as it might severely harm the cook and anyone standing near it. The sudden explosion might cause serious injuries to all the persons who’re present in the kitchen at that moment as well as property damage.

Reasons Why Instant Pot Explode

After hours of research, we have found a few of the most common reasons why your instant pot explodes. Here, is a list of all the reasons behind the instant pot explosion.

  1. Blocked Pressure Valves

The most common reason for instant pot explosion is blockage of Steam Pressure -releasing valves. These valves help to regulate the steam pressure but often they are blocked by the accumulation of food and dirt particles.

The only way to prevent this from happening is by thoroughly cleaning the equipment before use. Moreover, don’t put any kind of pressure on the steam releasing valve.

  1. Maximum Filled Pot

Another major cause that results in the instant pot being exploded while cooking is its fulfillment. Many instant pot accidents happen because people fill their instant pot up to the maximum level.

Never fill your pot to the fullest. Instant pots are always used by filling only three fourth of its capacity.

  1. Missing Out On Important Instructions

Knowing how instant pot works is as important as using it. Just like you don’t want to spend hours on cooking, similarly, you shouldn’t waste hours on manhandling the pot by yourself. Instead, you can simply study the manual guide thoroughly that comes along with the pot to prevent any such incident from happening.


We hope the above-given guidelines will help you to prevent instant pot explosions. Instant Pot explodes only when you don’t have the proper know-how of using it. So, it’s better to first learn the basics and then put it into action.

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