4 Ways On How To Tell If Pizza Is Undercooked

how to tell if pizza is undercooked
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how to tell if pizza is undercooked

Pizza is always the ultimate choice when you don’t want to cook something complicated, so how frustrating it will be when the pizza comes out undercooked. Honestly, it’s possible to have well-melted cheese on the pizza and still have the undercooked pizza. On the other hand, if you are unsure how to tell if pizza is undercooked, let’s check the information!

How To Tell If Pizza Is Undercooked?

It’s quite evident that having undercooked pizza is frustrating, but rather than getting mad, you need to understand that eating undercooked pizza is dangerous. So, before you bite the pizza, you always check if the pizza is properly cooked to ensure you don’t end up with stomach issues. That being said, are you ready to check out the symptoms that the pizza is undercooked?

1. Check For Raw Part

The first thing you need to do is check for the raw dough on the pizza. Since the top side will be topped with cheese, veggies, and other ingredients, you need to check out the pizza’s bottom. For this purpose, you need to lift up the pizza and have a look at the bottom. In case the bottom side has a golden brown appearance, the pizza is well-cooked. On the contrary, if the crust seems white, it’s undercooked and needs to be cooked better.

2. Sauce

The second reason why your pizza is undercooked could be because of too much sauce. In case you added too much sauce, there are high chances that the pizza will be left undercooked. To be honest, the sauce tastes amazing but adding too much will leave the pizza undercooked. So, just keep a moderate hand on the sauce to ensure the pizza comes out evenly cooked.

3. Excessive Ingredients

Whenever you put too many ingredients on the pizza dough, it has a higher chance of coming out undercooked. In the majority of cases, the pizza will be left unevenly cooked or undercooked. That being said, add only enough ingredients to make sure the heat waves are reaching the dough or crust, resulting in the properly cooked crust. In addition to this, if the pizza crust is thin while the ingredients are thick, it results in undercooked pizza. So, if you added too many ingredients or toppings, be ready to bite on undercooked pizza.

4. Fixing The Undercooked Pizza

When it comes down to fixing the undercooked pizza, you need to ensure that you don’t use a convection oven because it has a chance of burning the pizza. On the other hand, you can reduce the heat or switch to the lower rack as it ensures that the pizza will be well-cooked. In case you are using a slow cooker, you can simply take off the ingredients and bake the pizza crust for over ten minutes. After the crust is baked, you can add the ingredients again and cook it for a few minutes. It will ensure that the pizza is well-cooked without burning or drying the ingredients. To summarize, this is all you need to do to ensure the pizza is well-cooked, so best of luck!

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