Why Does Pizza Dough Sticks To Parchment Paper

pizza dough sticks to parchment paper
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pizza dough sticks to parchment paper

Baking pizza might be your favorite hobby and easiest way of making dinner, but it can get chaotic, particularly when the pizza dough sticks to parchment paper. So, if you are going to bake pizza and are concerned about the sticking, we are sharing how it can be prevented.

Pizza Dough Sticks To Parchment Paper

Using Parchment Paper To Bake Pizza

It is fine to use parchment paper for baking pizza. The parchment paper is perfect for transferring the pizza to your oven, and it is known to cook pizza without any sticking or mess. However, the pizza might not turn out crispy (we are sharing how you can ensure crispy crust with parchment paper, though). Moreover, with intense heat, the parchment paper might fall apart, resulting in sticking. So, with this section, we are sharing how you can prevent sticking pizza dough to the parchment paper, such as;


First of all, the oven must be properly preheated. In addition, if you want to cook pizza with a pizza stone, it needs to be preheated as well. In the case of a pizza stone, make sure that it’s preheated at the highest temperature settings for forty minutes.

Volume Of Paper

When the pizza stone is properly preheated, you can roll out or stretch the pizza on the worktop. Then, you can cut out the parchment paper, which can easily fit on the pizza stone. In addition, make sure that parchment paper can hold the pizza’s weight but make sure you don’t use too much paper. This is because excessive use of paper will result in sticking.

Remove The Paper

When you have added pizza to the parchment paper and have inserted it into the oven rack, you need to think about removing parchment paper after some time. Ideally, you should remove the parchment paper after cooking the pizza for three minutes in the baking oven. This is because, after three minutes, the pizza will have a slightly firm structure and won’t fall apart. Then, you can put pizza directly on the pizza stone and enjoy a crispy pizza crust.

How To Prevent Dough Sticking To Parchment Paper?

We have already mentioned how you can reduce the chances of pizza dough sticking to the parchment paper. In addition, we are sharing additional preventive measures, including;

  • First of all, you can try coating the pizza pan or tray with flour. This is because it will create a barrier between the parchment paper and tray, reducing the chances of sticking. On the contrary, if you don’t use flour, you can opt for semolina, cornmeal, and fine polenta
  • Secondly, you have to consider how you are kneading the dough. This is because if you use too little water, the dough will be extra sticky and will stick to the parchment paper as well. For this purpose, you must ensure that the dough is not much sticky. You can try adding more flour or cornmeal to the dough to prevent sticky dough
  • Lastly, you should not add too many toppings because it weighs down the dough and results in sticking. So, keep a light hand on toppings
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