3 Major Downsides Of Eating Undercooked Rice

eating undercooked rice
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eating undercooked rice

Rice is the ultimate staple food for the majority of households. Be it the curry rice or vegetable fried rice; it tantalizes the taste buds of everyone. So, if you have developed a habit of eating raw rice or undercooked rice, you need to ensure if it’s safe to eat them. Believe it or not, undercooked rice will increase the chances of food poisoning.

That’s to say because undercooked rice can allure in harmful bacteria, which can have an adverse impact on health. Rice has become an extensive source of energy, but we have added everything you need to know about eating undercooked rice.

Downsides of Eating Undercooked Rice

1. Food Poisoning

It is pretty clear that undercooked rice can lead to food poisoning, but it can harbor B.cereus. According to research, this bacterium was found in almost more than half of commercial rice. These bacteria can easily contaminate the rice, form spores, and lead to health issues. Once the rice is properly cooked, the bacterial growth will be stunted.

2. Gastrointestinal Issues

There are multiple components in undercooked rice that can lead to digestive issues. For instance, the presence of lectins which can lower the chances of your body absorbing the nutrients. On top of everything, lectins cannot be digested, which means they pass down to the digestive tract while adversely impacting the gut wall. Consequently, it can lead to nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting.

3. Health Concerns

We all know some people who develop a habit of eating undercooked or raw rice, and they get proper cravings. This craving clearly signals the pica issue, which is defined as the appetite for non-nutritive content or food. Pica is evident in pregnant women and kids. Usually, Pica tends to be a temporary issue, but if not monitored, one might need counseling to quit eating raw/undercooked rice.

Continuous eating of raw/undercooked rice can lead to iron deficiency, fatigue, hair loss, abdominal aches, and tooth damage. If you struggle with this issue, you need to get medical help because it can lead to serious health concerns.

As for the benefits of consuming undercooked rice, we couldn’t find a single one. The consumption of several undercooked dishes has indeed become the culinary trend (with benefits), but it isn’t the case with undercooked rice. Even if you cannot give up on undercooked rice because of strong craving, it is better to switch to black, wide, or brown rice because they are rich in nutrients, such as antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Fixing Undercooked Rice

Setting side raw rice, if you made undercooked rice and want to fix them, it is suggested to add a half cup of water, stir a little, and put the lid back. In addition, never cook rice on high temperatures or keep taking off the lid because it disrupts the steam, thus hard rice.

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